Which Home Appliance Consumes More Energy

June 15, 2016/19 Comments/in Appliance repair Orange County, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Which Home Appliance Consumes More Energy

Every month you receive the monthly energy bill and you can’t believe your eyes keep in mind that the home appliances that consume energy 24/7 are the reason you ended up with that number. However, which home appliance consumes more energy and how you can decrease the consumption rate to save money.What is it about? Is it your built-in fridge, the pool pump, the washer-dryer duo or the laptops and the smart devices that are constantly being charged?

Well, all of them have their contribution, the central system certainly the most, even though we did not mention it above. That was for a reason – just to keep you mind off of it. let’s take under consideration the other three to four appliances of constant use and find out which of them is the energy hungriest.

Which Home Appliance Consumes More Energy Tip #1

If there was a competition in this field, which there is, your trusty favorite fridge would have to win. This life-saving appliance that we basically cannot do without take the best it can from our home energy source. The older models you have in your home not possessing the advanced technology features will consume more energy than the new appliance you spend a fortune on. Well, obviously, at least this pays off – we all think. It’s just that the new models are configured to “serve” in your favor. That is what you spend the money on besides the homely modern design.

Which Home Appliance Consumes More Energy Tip #2

Even though fridge is on top of the list the little appliances such as the hair dryer, coffee makers, toasters, vacuum cleaners and the list can go on and on use more energy than the fridge. This tiny devices that fill in our bathroom and kitchen drawers are the ones to blame not only for taking too much space but also for consuming so much energy. Imagine turning on all of these devices at once, your home power source might shut down not standing the pressure.

Which Home Appliance Consumes More Energy Tip #3

Those big appliances such as the dishwasher, the washer and dryer duo consume energy only when being in use. While the fridge is on 24/7 these three are getting some rest in between wash loads. The trick here is – you guessed it right – the more you leave the appliance running the more energy it consumes. Therefore, when bumping with the question which home appliance consumes more energy be confident that it can be relative. And if the bill is too high, remember, it would have been a better choice to clean out the fridge turn it off before leaving on a vacation.