Washing Machine History & 8 Interesting Facts (Part I)

July 4, 2016/in Washing Machine repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Washing Machine History & 8 Interesting Facts (Part I)

It’s inarguable that washing machines went from being a luxury item to a necessity, in our everyday contemporary lives. But about 18 percent of Americans lack the resources to afford one since it consumes tons of gallons of water. From troubleshooting to its sophisticated and delicate mechanism, it’s fascinating to look back at washing machine history and facts to have more clue of what we are using today !

Washing Machine History

The first ever washing machine appeared in the 18th century. It consisted of a wooden box and filled up with water which was rotated manually with hands.

Washing Machine History & Interesting Fact 1

Washing machines that are front load are 50% efficient concerning electricity consumptions and work rate, compared to the top load washing machines. That’s why 99% of new washing machine models are front loads.

Washing Machine History & Useful Tip 2

The easiest way to clean washing machines is with vinegar. But be careful to run your washing machine without any detergents and clothes.

Washing Machine History & Funny Fact 3

The majority of socks in the United States are lost in washing machines. This unusual theory has not yet proven and still remains a mystery among washing machine users.

Washing Machine History & Useful Tip 4

James Dyson, the inventor of washing machines once claimed that a 15 minute hand wash is more effective compared to 1 hour of machine wash since, our hands can stretch the clothes which washing machines can’t.

Washing Machine History & Stats 5

Washing machines in the United States use about a quarter of national water supply.

Washing Machine History & Historical Facts 6

During the World War II, US domestic washer production was suspended in favor of manufacturing was materials. Although most of the home appliances production industries were given the permission to undertake research and development program for revolutionizing washing machines. At by that time in 1950, the first ever top load MiracleMovers washing machine was invented.

Washing Machine History & Fact 7

90% of all women in the world use washing machines. This innovation helped women to focus on their careers because washing machines made women’s lives easier. Comparing to old times, each single process of washing clothes lasted about 2 hours.