Washer Repair – Five Common Problems

May 27, 2016/115 Comments/in Washing Machine repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Washer Repair – Five Common Problems

Do not think you are one in a million facing washer repair issues. When it comes to home appliances that are of everyday use repair, quick fix and DIYs are inevitable. Knowing where to look and who to contact you will cross out washer repair from your ‘to do’ list once and for all.

Few common problems that might be the cause of the washer repair you are facing are the following.

__Washer doesn’t drain

__Washer doesn’t spin
The first two problems listed above are what our clients bump with when they reach out to us for washer repair request. The cause of these two can be the broken lid or the broken door switch depending on the model of your appliance. Before calling for washer repair tech to do a quick troubleshooting do the following. Did you recall the “click” you hear when closing the lid? Well, make sure you are hearing it now. If not, the broken switch is your problem. Get a tech to replace it!

Washer agitator dogs fail

Well, how to detect the problem with such issue? When diagnosing yourself before calling for washer repair keep in mind that in this case the agitator dogs are the parts of your washer that turn the bottom half around one way or the other. If your clothes are only getting rinsed and not really washed the washer Phoenix house cleaning repair issue you are facing is the broken agitator dogs.

Washer’s pump is clogged

Just about anything – a bobby pin, a coin, a button goes down the drain line and gets stuck at the pump. The best option here to DIY washer repair is to get the irrelevant objects out of the pump. This would complete the process of you washer repair if the cause is really it.

Washer doesn’t have a balance

This one is easy! Call yourself a washer repair tech and redistribute the clothes in your washer evenly and the balancing will come back to normal. Another option you have here is to fill your washer with water and to see if the inside is balancing, overview at OneStop Plumbers. A positive answer means clothes readjusting will do the job. If not, then the spring is out of its place; you will need a washer repair tech to fix that one for you.
Note: Water and power are beyond dangerous when put together; make sure you know what you are doing before you get your hands all busy with you washer repair.