Washer is Noisy

June 6, 2016/35 Comments/in Washing Machine repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Washer is Noisy

Is your washer noisy? Is it making more noise than your kids when the TV is off? Well, the number of reasons why your washer is noisy can be quite high yet we do have few tips to help you out!

Washer is Noisy Quick Troubleshoot

If the washer is noisy there must be some component that is broke or worn out. The problem causing the unbearable noise can be due to a number of components failing inside your washer. Surely, you can hear the noise only when your washer is on. More precisely, it’s a common problem when the washer is in a spin mode. From this perspective, your answer is quite clear. The washer is noisy because there is a problem with the main tube. Either it’s worn out or it’s about to give up on you, you will need a tech to take a look and replace it once and for all.
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Motor coupling can also say why your washer is noisy. This component is responsible for connecting the washer’s transmission to the washer’s motor. It might break easily when the washer is overloaded because of being made of plastic. It has pros as well since helps the transmission and the motor won’t be damaged in the process. By this point, the thought of purchasing a new appliance most probably crossed your mind. Now, to tell you the truth, it’s unnecessary; just call a professional to replace the part and your washer is noisy NO MORE – we promise!

Have you ever heard about the clutch? If not – Welcome to the club! Basically, this appliance part can become your problem when your washer is noisy. It is meant to connect the inner wash tub to the transmission allowing your washer to reach accurate spin gradually. It can make noise when it’s worn out. It goes without saying that replacement is necessary here.
Even if you did not know washer had a clutch you might, however, know that it has a belt. And yes – serving the purpose you guessed; it is involved in the spinning process. It mainly causes this type of issue when it’s worn out. No wonder!

The drain pump is also one of the components that drain the water out of your appliance. If the washer is noisy it can well be because of clogged, broken or damaged drain pump. How to know that the drain pump is what it is about? Well, if it is the drain pump then the noise is louder one moment back to normal another moment happening at certain periods.

There are more components that can cause the failure than you can count on your fingers. However, these are the most common issues when your washer is noisy. Make sure give us a call the moment you bump with any sort of problem whether it is something you can deal with or not; taking caution is always a good idea!