The Various Types of Cooking Ranges (Part 2)

October 25, 2016/in Oven repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

The Various Types of Cooking Ranges (Part 2)

In the first part of this article we discussed the types of cooking ranges mainly classifying them according to their design. Cooking ranges are also classified according to the type of fuel that is used in them. So according to this classification we differentiate between:ranges
Electric Smooth Top

In this part we will mainly concentrate on the cooktops rather than cooktops and ovens combined. Though, of course you can buy cooking ranges of one of the types below that comprise an oven too.Reasons for uncooked dishes can be the.

Electric Ranges

Electric ranges or electric coils are made of an alloy that is resistant against heat. They are also covered with a layer of high-temperature magnesium oxide powder as well as a stainless sheath.rangesElectric coils commonly come with 4 or more burners that are equipped with special pans under themselves in order to catch food or spills thus making the further cleaning easy. Some electric ranges might also have self-cleaning technique. Electric cooktops are comparatively cheap as opposed to other cooking range types.

Electric Smooth Top Ranges

These cooking rarangesnges are flat having the burners constructed underneath a glass or ceramic top. Though the cleaning of smooth tops might be easier, they will require special cleaning solvents from you in order to avoid scratching the glass top.
All in all, these smooth tops are to be called “quite delicate” as they require even specifically chosen cookware that will not damage their surface. These types of cooktops cool down slowly, however, the heat does not make your kitchen hot as is the case with basic electric or gas stoves, as the energy goes into the cooking receptacle. In electric smooth tops your food will be ready in no time.

Induction Ranges

Energy efficient, safe and easily cleaned – this is what induction ranges are about. Due to the fac
t that induction cooktops use magnetic principles for the heating. Their burners are called induction coils. The latter produce magnetic fields thus inducting a warming reaction in your pots/pans. Here the heating of food is carried out by using the cookware itself that’s why they are energy efficient and usually stay much cooler than other cooking range types.
The food is cooked faster in induction cooktops. Here the top is also flat and smooth and the cleaning is easy. Induction ranges are also quite safe as they will be turned off automatically if the food spills over or the pan becomes dry. Due to the range being heated only in case of contact with cookware the possibility that you will burn yourself is noticeably less. Induction ranges are commonly electrical however in case of personal preference you can also have gas-powered cooking ranges of this type.

Gas Ranges

Gas ranges are probably the most prominent ones among consumers. They come with four or more gas-powered burners and the flame in them is visible. Above the burners there are special iron grates for holding your cookware. Gas ranges might also have self-cleaning options. Gas cooking might be better from the aspect of it being more precise and enabling you to decide the heating amount you want your food to be cooked with. Nowadays, almost all gas ranges have the so called electric ignition option due to which you are released from having to light a match for turning on the burners. Gas ranges are usually more expensive than the electric ones.

Modular Ranges

Modular cooktops are quite flexible as they enable you to convert the traditional round heating elements with a griddle or a grill style cooking assembly.
You can change the cooking assemblies and make various dishes starting from pots and pan-meant dishes to steaks and pancakes. There are both gas-powered and electricity-powered modular cooktops.