The Various Types of Cooking Ranges (Part 1)

October 19, 2016/1 Comment/in Oven repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

The Various Types of Cooking Ranges (Part 1)

What is a cooking range? Why is the term used instead of an oven or a stove? The answer is as follows – being an essential part of kitchen appliances, cooking ranges actually have a dual meaning: they imply the combination of an oven and a stovetop, as well as are referred to as only the stovetop by some manufacturers hence making the oven a separate unit.
Cooking ranges come in a wide range of types and in order to avoid confusions we will introduce you those types according to two separate classifications in separate articles.
Thus, cooking ranges can be classified according to the type of fuel that is used in them and according to the way they are designed and meant to be placed in your kitchen.
Here we have discussed the cooking range types according to the second classification. Cooking ranges can have different sizes and shapes and it is already a matter of personal preference and individual needs which type you should buy.
Below is a list of the main types of cooking ranges (oven and stovetop combinations) from the aspect of their design, size and other outer features.Reasons for uncooked dishes can be the.

Freestanding Ranges

These types of cooking ranges can be placed literally at any place in your kitchen, without taking cabinetry into consideration. In freestanding ranges the burner and oven controls are mostly on a specifically designed panel at the top rear of the appliance. These ranges come with a storage drawer below the oven. There are even more innovative freestanding ranges that present a warming drawer or a second oven instead of the storage drawer.

Slide-In Ranges

Unlike the previous type of cooking ranges, slide-ins are meant for being positioned in the existing spaces in your kitchen cabinetry. This wil
l give your range a built-in look. In contrast to the freestanding ones the slide-in ranges don’t have this backsplash and the control panels of the oven and the burner are on the front part. Slide-in ranges, too, might comprise of either a storage drawer or a warming one.

Note: Standard width – 30”/76cm
Deluxe/Custom models’ width – 48”/122cm

Drop-In Ranges

Drop-in ranges are to be custom installed within the cabinetry and have the control panel placed on the front of the appliance. These ranges usually are positioned in a way that matches the rest of the cabinetry. As they lack storage drawers or the warming ones, they are placed at a certain height from the floor that would usually be possessed by the above mentioned drawers.

Note: Standard width – 30”/76cm, there are also narrower and more compact drop-in ranges.

“Split” Cooking Ranges

In this case we have a cooktop placed in a countertop and a wall oven that is installed in other cabinetry thus splitting the areas you cook and depending on your preferences might even make your kitchen more efficien