Top 3 High End Appliance Brands You Want to Have at Home

June 22, 2016/4 Comments/in Appliance repair Orange County, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Top 3 High End Appliance Brands You Want to Have at Home

We all love luxuries even if we don’t admit it. These top 3 high end appliance brands you must know if you intend to invest in something that would serve you a lifetime. Each model these brands launched will adorn your kitchen becoming part of the interior as well as your daily routine especially if you are passionate about cooking.

Top 3 High End Appliance Brands Sub Zero Wolf

This one’s on top of the list since it is our personal favorite. One of the largest companies in the industry this one was always out there improving the quality and making the lives of the customers easier. So far not a single one of the appliance repair requests we received that were concerned with Sub-Zero Wolf appliances were as big of an issue as the ones with other brands. You do spend a fortune to obtain the appliance and spent some more to install it in your home but let’s make things clear this one’s worth it. You will spend once for a lifetime of loyal service, high quality and lovely design. Over a decade ago Sub-Zero and Wolf united revolutionizing the market with the newly developed cooking technology.
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Top 3 High End Appliance Brands Viking

If you are not new to our blog you will know we’ve already managed to brag about the pros and cons of an appliance from this brand. If you have a Sub-zero fridge in your kitchen you got to have a Viking Range there as well. Not a claim you have to follow or something but the implication we made is based on an inside joke among appliance repair companies. We all know once you get something nice for your home you get the vibe of replacing the old ones with similar items as well. Just saying! This Company never stops to surprise with innovations. Their stainless steel professional cooking line is still a best-seller. No wonder this is in our top 3 high end appliance brands list.

Top 3 High End Appliance Brands Thermador

This one’s a newbie for us as well. Never really presented our readers with this not less great company based out of California and manufactured for over 75 years maintaining the high quality and outstanding design. Besides the number of advantages, this one is the most affordable of the three yet does not necessarily mean it is less likely to satisfy your expectations. It is Bosch like appliance brand; not only famous but also meeting all the requirements of high quality service. Disclaimer: believe every good feedback you hear concerned with Thermador.