Tips on How to Use Dryer Efficiently

July 22, 2016/4 Comments/in Dryer repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Tips on How to Use Dryer Efficiently

Clothes dryer has become a necessity for many housewives. They are convenient and user-friendly household appliances. All you need to do is to put the wet clothes inside and press the button. However, everything is not as simple as one can imagine. If you want to use dryer efficiently, read the tips below.

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How to use dryer efficiently tip#1 Clean lint screen

The best way to make your dryer work more efficiently is to keep the lint screen clean. You can do it either before or after using a dryer. It will take several minutes, but will cut the energy consumption for 15%.

How to use dryer efficiently tip#2 Do not overdry clothes

It isn’t necessary to dry everything on the highest level. It will consume lots of energy. Moreover, drying on high temperature will damage your clothes. So, it is of great importance to choose the right temperature.
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How to use dryer efficiently tip#3 Do not overload dryer

Never overload your dryer. If you think that putting everything together will save you time and money, then you are wrong. When the appliance is overloaded it will take much time, hence more energy to dry the clothes. Besides, clothes need room to be dried. Overloading will cause wrinkles and additional ironing.

How to use dryer efficiently tip#4 Shake items

Shake each item before throwing to the dryer. Surely, it will take time, but it does cut the time for drying and also prevent wrinkles.

How to use dryer efficiently tip#5 Separate fabrics

If you want to dry your laundry quicker, then you need to separate items, lightweight clothes from heavyweight ones. It will save time and energy used.

How to use dryer efficiently tip#6 Do not open the door while drying

It isn’t recommended to open the door of the dryer unnecessarily. Do not put wet items during the drying process. When you open the door the warm air flows away. Hence drying will take additional time.

How to use dryer efficiently tip#7 Remove clothes from dryer immediately

Once the clothes are dried, remove them from the dryer as soon as possible so that to prevent the wrinkles. It will save the time for additional ironing.

How to use dryer efficiently tip#8 Choose eco-friendly dryer

While buying a dryer, choose the one which consumes less energy. Such kind of appliances may be a little bit expensive, but it will cut the bill for electricity. So, before buying one consider which brand offers eco-friendly appliances.