Three Main Dryer Operations

June 1, 2016/18 Comments/in Dryer repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Three Main Dryer Operations

The main dryer operations are all you need to know to get started. Not all dryers are the same but they operate the same way through a combination of three main components.

  o  Air flow
  o  Drum rotation
  o  Heat
We will tell you exactly how these three main dryer operations work together and the potential problems you may encounter.

 1 Dryer Operations – Air Flow

1. When operating one of the main dryer operations your appliance runs on is the blower wheel that draws the air in from the front or the rear of the appliance. The air is heated and circulates through the clothes as the drum rotates. The hotter the air, the more effective it is to remove moisture from the clothes. You can expect a load of clothes about 60 min. to dry.
2. For electric dryers the air is heated through a heating element and the air flow is vital to its proper operation.
3. To ensure your dryer has sufficient air to operate it has to be located in a well-ventilated area rather than a stuffy laundry room. The real of the dryer has to be kept several inches away from the wall to let the air flow easily not to hinder the proper dryer operation. while installing dryer keep the latter in mind.
4. If the air flow is poor the heat from the element will not be pulled from the heater housing properly and cause high limit thermostat to heat up and switch off the voltage to the heating element.
5. The thermostat will reset after it cools and then repeat. However, the dryer will take too long to dry because the heat is constantly being shut off and the thermostat itself can become damaged.
6. Some dryers have a thermal fuse on the blower housing and a thermal cut-off fuse heater housing each of which can fail due to poor dryer operation i.e. bad air flow. In this case, the dryer will not heat or it may not run at all until the fuse has been replaced.
7. The last stage is when the moisture is removed from the machine; the heated air that removed the moisture from the clothes must be vented to the outside of the home. Use only rigid or semi rigid venting for this purpose. Other materials may increase the risk of fire as the heated air leaves the home. Clean out the vent at least once a year to prevent further risks.

 2 Dryer Operations – Heat

1. To manage the proper temperature for the heating element the process is controlled by the next main dryer operation which runs through cycling thermostat.
2. During normal operation the temperature is between 120 -160 degrees Fahrenheit.
3. All the four elements discussed above are the main subjects to damage. If the dryer does not heat or reach the proper heating temperature all of these components can and should be tested individually to determine if one of them has stopped functioning.
4. Keep in mind that the dryer may still run even through the air is not being heated. If you suspect your electrical outlet is not providing sufficient voltage you can test the outlet using a voltage meter set to volts A C.

 3 Dryer Operations – Drum Rotation

1. As the blower wheel blows the air into the dryer and the heating element the drum is rotated by the drum belt which goes around the entire drum and is looped on a drive pully which drives the belt. The process has to support the third Dryer operation; the drum rotation.
2. If the dryer is overloaded the drum may put tension on the drive pully and stretch the belt damaging it overtime which can eventually break.
3. When the belt breaks the motor will run but the drum will not rotate. In some models when the belt breaks a switch will be activated that prevents the motor from running (Broken Belt Switch).
Air flow, heat and drum rotation are all crucial for dryer operations as you can see. And all three main dryer operations are interrelated. If you observe a problem with any of these Max Global Appliance Repair will have the solution. The company works 24/7 including the weekends and state holidays.