Are you looking for quality microwave repair in Sunset Beach, CA? Then contact Sunset Beach MicrowaveSunset Beach Microwave Repair Repair and we will provide you with reliable microwave repair. Sunset Beach Microwave Repair has been repairing microwaves for many years. Moreover, our technicians can overcome any microwave issue in a short period of time. Our technicians are skilled professionals and are equipped with all the necessary tools to repair your microwave. Are you interested? If yes, then contact us by dialing 714 698 88 73 or Schedule Service.

Common problems of microwaves Sunset Beach Microwave Repair has fixed in the past

  • Unusual noises
  • Buttons/ Touchpads
  • Microwave shutdowns
  • No heat generation
  • The unit won’t turn on at all
  • Plate issues
  • Door problems

Note that Sunset Beach Microwave Repair in CA can fix any issue!  So do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the problem of your microwave on the list above.

714 698 88 73 or Schedule Service

Brands of microwaves which Sunset Beach Microwave Repair fixes

  • Whirlpool microwave repair in Sunset Beach
  • Sub-Zero microwave repair Sunset Beach, CA
  • Amana microwave repair in Sunset Beach CA
  • Electrolux microwave oven repair
  • Ken microwave oven repair
  • Samsung microwave repair in Sunset Beach CA area
  • General Electronics microwave repair
  • Maytag microwave repair by Sunset Beach Microwave Repair

714 698 88 73 or Schedule Service

Additionally, our company repairs all brand and types of microwaves in a short period of time! If replacement parts are needed they all will be provided by us and will have a 3-year warranty! Moreover, we provide a 90-day warranty to all repaired microwaves. Just dial 714 698 88 73 or Schedule Service and we will be at your door shortly.

Some qualities of Sunset Beach Microwave Repair

  • We provide reliable repair
  • Same day service
  • Warranty to all repaired microwaves and replaced parts
  • Easy to contact to
  • All parts are factory-new