Why Subzero Refrigerators Are The Finest

July 22, 2016/4 Comments/in Dryer repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Why Subzero Refrigerators Are The Finest

What’s the point of having a kitchen if it’s not equipped with desired appliances? Imagine one day you come home tired from work, and you want to roast the pork chops that you bought earlier. It doesn’t take a lot to mess up your lunch if your oven isn’t performing as it should. But if you have the adequate appliances, your expectations will be surpassed indeed. Taking Subzero for an instance, it is a brand that has dedicated its all production years in designing techniques to make our kitchens a place of worship. They produce high-quality refrigerators such as built-in and stainless steel with other kinds of refrigeration storage like wine storage or drawers.
Subzero Refrigerators

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Subzero Pro 48 Refrigerator

This certain model is technologically advanced that no other refrigerators have a chance to get compared with it. The Subzero Pro 48 model is capable of storing a high humidity or as they call it, the ‘’crisper’’ which is used for storing vegetables in their freshest state. On the other hand, it is also equipped with low humidity drawer which is used for storing meat and keep them in their freshest state as possible. The Subzero Pro 48 Model also has an option in its control panel to adjust its temperature as desired. You can choose either the buttons warmer or colder. The options that this model has is significant because it can notify the owner with an alarm if its door is left open or it needs a repair if it does, then you have to call the most qualified technicians to come and solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

Subzero Built-In Refrigerator

Having the same features as the Subzero Pro 48, this Built-in design comes in carbon, platinum, and framed, also with classic stainless. When ordering this model, you can choose what different layout you prefer, such as over and under or side by side. The advantageous part of this model is that it can blend in with the kitchen’s cabinet and be integrated into the kitchen’s design.

Subzero Integrated Refrigerator

The Subzero integrated model is same as the built-in model but instead of being placed in the kitchen it is placed inside living or other rooms such as the master bedroom. It comes in different sizes which make them look like drawers, but in reality, they are refrigerators. This model can store drinks and snacks which can be accessed easily without even leaving your room.

Subzero Wine Storage

This particular model is designed to store wines and keep it in its fresh state. It helps the wine to maintain its ideal humidity level to age wine properly. On top of that, the Subzero Wine storage can come in different models such as under counter or top counter and has a glass door which can prevent UV from penetrating and hit the Wine. It also shares common features like the Subzero Pro 48 in having an advanced control panel.