Sub Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting

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Sub Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting

Sub Zero refrigerator troubleshooting is worth your while since this is the kind of appliance that will serve you over 15 years without causing much trouble. There are few valuable tips to self-diagnose and then make up your mind whether you need our help or not!

Sub Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting Step #1

With each and every fridge one needs to worry about three operations to configure. Those are as simple as to turn the power on, set the freezer temperature and then to set the fridge temperature.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting


Sub Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting Step #2

Now you need to read between the lines. Not literally, more like figuring out which of the components responsible for any of these three operations is causing you trouble by noting one of the problems listed below:
  o  Not Cooling
  o  Water Filter
  o  No Power
  o  No Ice or Water 
  o  Light Switch
  o  Sub Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting

Sub Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting Step #3

Among numbers of reasons why your Sub Zero Refrigerator Troubleshooting outcome says “not cooling” can be the fact that the condenser is clogged. If the thermostat and display control are working according to plan, check the compressors to see whether it’s working properly. Since the Sub Zero runs with double compressors the one from fridge side can be working just fine while the other connected with the freezer can fail.

Check the compressor runner is working fine then the clogged condenser is the one to blame!

Note: It has to be cleaned once or twice a year.
Before reaching the conclusion that there is no power while carrying out your Sub Zero refrigerator, please, note that there is a difference between “no power” and “lights shutting down” per safety feature your Sub Zero fridge is operating with. An example of this can be the result of leaving the fridge door open for a certain amount of time. The safety feature turns the lights off. To make sure if the power is on, check the switch on button and the power supply as well. If the breaker is broken you might need a quick fix there.
While in the process of your Sub Zero refrigerator troubleshooting keep in mind that all the headache you are getting is due to a simple problem like the filter cartridge change. Replace it when the filter indicator is on and the water flow is gradually decreasing.

This has to be done regularly for the appliance not to give up on you quickly.

Probably because the appliance is not open to a water source or your freezer is not cooled down enough after installation. Here is the answer to the question that you bumped with when doing your Sub Zero refrigerator troubleshooting. Again, turn on the water supply valve and wait until the freezer cools down completely. And last but not least, make sure the ice maker is turned on and plugged in before panicking.