6 Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator


Refrigerator can be referred to as “heaven” for foods as they make them last longer. We put everything into a refrigerator; fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, alcohol, juice and so on. However, it turns out that it isn’t recommended to put everything into a fridge. There are some types of foods which will lose their freshness or taste. So, before putting everything into a refrigerator, read the list below and learn which food or drink you shouldn’t keep in refrigerator.

Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator N1 Tomatoes Refrigerator

Fridge is not the best place for tomatoes. Actually tomatoes like heat but not cold. If you put tomatoes, they may lose their texture and taste. They’ll be good for cooking, but not for eating.



Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator N2 Potatoes

Refrigerators completely change the taste of potatoes. They may become a little bit sweet. Moreover, refrigerating potatoes can damage texture as well and also the way they are cooked.


Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator N3 Bananas Refrigerator

If you put green bananas into a fridge then they will stay green for a long time. On the other hand, if you have rotten bananas but want them to keep for some time, then you should put them into a refrigerator. The skin may turn brown or even black, but the fruit inside will not be damaged.



Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator N4 Honey

Honey is considered to be a naturally preserved food. It won’t change its freshness even after 1000 years. If you keep honey in a fridge it may cause crystallization, hence it would be really difficult to spread it on bread. So, instead of putting honey into a refrigerator, keep it in a tightly closed container.


Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator N5 Coffee Refrigerator

This will be interesting for coffee addicts. Remember: Do not keep coffee in a refrigerator. Ground coffee or beans should not be stored in a fridge as they may lose they taste. Moreover, they can take additional odor from the food stored nearby. If you have bought a large amount of coffee it’s better to keep it in a freezer.


RefrigeratorFoods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator N6 Bread

It’s undeniable that refrigerators slow down the process of ripening, but in case of bread the opposite phenomenon can be noticed. Refrigerator may dry out your bread quickly. So, if you want to store your bread to keep it longer, it would be better to keep it in a freezer.








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