Refrigerator Temperature Settings: Fridge Temperature Guide

January 9, 2017/in Refrigerator repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Refrigerator Temperature Settings: 

Orefrigerator temperaturef course all of us know by heart what the correct refrigerator temperature is, and we set it once in a while ourselves. That’s a joke of course, since many of us even think the fridge comes preset and we have nothing to do with the refrigerator temperature dial inside. Or we have just no mood to mingle with the inside of the fridge. So here is what is considered to be the right figures for the fridge and the freezer. For the right refrigerator temperature you must set it to be from 0 to 4 degrees Celsius.

For the freezer the ideal temperature should be nearly minus 18. So on average it is recommended that you set you refrigerator temperature to be 3 degrees Celsius.

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The Right Refrigerator Temperature: What Causes Food To Spoil?

Why do we put food in the fridge after all? Almost all of us grew up when the fridge was already there (then came the freezer), and we took it for granted that certain food must be kept in the fridge.
We know that if we do not do that, the food will get spoiled. That means that some small microorganisms known as bacteria may eat out food and thus spoil it. That’s why we smell spoiled food. We do not want that so we use the fridge to freeze these gluttons among with our food.
One thing is certain we cannot freeze it as much as we want, there should be a proper refrigerator temperature.

The Right Refrigerator Temperature: Why To Use Fridge Thermometers?

Once we set the correct refrigerator temperature, we may think that the mission is complete. In fact it appears that various parts of the fridge will maintain different temperatures even if it is correctly set. This may be solved by a special fridge thermometer, which is not expensive, hardly more than five dollars, but will show exactly what the coldest and warmest parts in the fridge are. Some modern fridges have already special screens, which shows the current and the recommendd temperatre. But the old fridges do not have this.

You can you this information to put the food you want to be frozen most in the coldest places, like for example the meat, eggs and milk.

Also, if at any point the electricity will go, you can monitor the refrigerator temperature during the outage time to know how long you can wait before your food may be spoiled.