Oven Issues and Handling Techniques

Ovens that are nowadays known to have a vital role in our household are simple appliances that we use very often for our comfort and needs. However, sometimes things can go not in a planned way with your oven and issues might emerge out of too much usage, loosened parts or bad handling.

Some of the common oven troubleshoots can be solved immediately without a scheduled service or necessity of buying a new machine. However, if anything goes even slightly not planned you can always rely on the experienced technicians from Appliance Repair Huntington Beach CA to handle any issues with your oven. Simply dial 714 698 88 73 or Schedule Service. 

Here you can find out the two most experienced issues and the right ways to handle them properly.

Oven Issues and Handling Techniques




Troubleshoot 1: Oven is not heating

Although this is a huge issue since this prevents you from actually using your appliance some simple fixes can be handy here.


  • Igniter is faulty when talking of a gas oven.
  • Heating elements are broken or already old when speaking of an electric machine.


Oven Issues and Handling TechniquesFixes

  • Test the burners and find out if gas is received (you are supposed to hear clicks before the gas ignites). Also make sure to replace the igniter if a gas igniting sound is not heard.


  • Replace one or both of the heating elements if the glowing is not seen. If you have the proper replacement parts you can replace them on your own by disconnecting the power, removing covers and the screws holding  the heating elements followed by returning the covers and screws to their original position after the replacement.


Troubleshoot 2: Baking/Cooking is done unevenly


  • There might be a problem with the heating elements or temperature sensor.
  • It depends on the oven as well. Cookware or the way you cook your food might lead to the not even cooking result.


  • Test your oven by preheating it to find out whether the heating elements are completely glowing in red or not. Check the resistance of the sensors as well.
  • Cookware as mentioned above might be the cause, so if the latter is already worn out such as it changed its color, buildup replace them. The cooking techniques might need some alteration altogether too such as the way you rotate the baking pan when cooking, the frequency of doing it or even when choosing the heights of the racks when cooking.

Oven Issues and Handling Techniques

If you notice your food is taking longer than expected to become ready or if when it is done it is still slightly cooked or burned at some places there are the different fixes you should take into account and take up immediately to secure the proper functioning of your appliance. Oven repair might seem odd to be done on your own but these simple but quick fixes that we listed above can be very helpful whenever you need them.

From these two common troubleshoots and handling techniques, you are now well aware of the adjustments and actions you need to think of when witnessing a malfunctioning oven.

If needed an appliance repair, our experts from Oven Repair Huntington Beach will come along to provide the best local service for your appliance.

Oven Issues and Handling Techniques