Orange County Dryer Repair

Your dryer gave up on you and you are wondering where to find Orange County Dryer Repair? Well, you are at the right place at a right time! Max Global Appliance Repair Orange County CA is committed to provide our customers with fast and reliable services to all kinds of requests you may have while using your home appliances. Our highly-skilled and certified repair service technicians provide same day repair services at best prices. Our dryer repair techs are equipped with exclusive factory parts, thus allowing them to carry out the short-time dryer repair without needing to schedule a second visit.

What’s more, Max Global Appliance Repair promises fast and reliable solutions for your home appliance no matter your drying machine is already old, in warranty, etc; we are specialized in addressing all kinds of problems.

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Orange County Dryer Repair

After all, why do you have to select Max Global Appliance Repair from the large variety of home appliance repair companies? The advantages to name are not a few. Our company provides the following,

Orange County Dryer Repair

  • Original brand parts are provided for your dryer repair;
  • Fast and reliable service;
  • Dryer repair is provided within your local area;
  • 30-day trial period
  • 3-year guarantee on repaired appliances.
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Max Global is there for you as a big helping hand to save your time and your dryer’s life. So, do not hesitate to Call us now or schedule your service online now!

As AHAM (the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) research indicates, the dryer lifespan is close to 20 years, which, however, can be prolonged if the emerged problems are addressed in a proper and well-timed manner.

Dryers according to a simple principle: heat, air and motion are combined to dry your clothes. In the majority of cases dryer problems are connected to its installation or misuse.

So, 5 Common problems occurring to dryers are:

  1. Dryer won’t turn on.
  2. Dryer won’t tumble or takes too long to dry your clothes.
  3. Drying machine either produces not enough heat or no heat at all or the dryer is too hot.
  4. Works with noise.
  5. The clothes are wrinkled.

Customers rate dryer repair services as fast and simple as 30-60 minutes.

We have more than 450 installation and repair service practices.

Our techs also provide you helpful tips on how to prolong the maintenance of your drying machine functionality.

Proper maintenance, which basically amounts to keeping the exhaust, and lint chute areas clean, and proper use will make your dryer last many years without a problem.  Should you encounter a problem, it is always reasonably based to ensure proper dryer troubleshoot and dryer repair to ensure a long-lasting and well-performing device.