Newport Beach Refrigerator RepairAll of us understand the importance of having a good refrigerator at our houses. What to do if the appliance breaks? Go to the store to get a new one? Of course not. This appliance costs a lot, so why waste money if you can call 714 698 88 73 and invite our Newport Beach Refrigerator Repair technicians to your house today. Our service is quite affordable and of the highest quality. Call us whenever you need parts, part replacement, quick and efficient repair. Our service of refrigerator repair in Newport Beach, CA is always happy and ready to help.

Issues that will need Newport Beach Refrigerator Repair

  • The refrigerator stopped cooling
  • It constantly changes the temperature
  • There is leakage
  • It doesn’t work
  • There is problem with the light
  • There are issues with the door seal
  • You smell terrible odor from the food
  • The food spoils faster

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Experiencing these issues? It’s time to call 714 698 88 73 and invite us to help. Our servicemen of Newport Beach Refrigerator Repair will be there as soon as possible, ready with all the parts and estimates. After the diagnosis and troubleshoot of your issue, they will repair the unit, simultaneously giving you tips on their maintenance.

Tips from our experts of Newport Beach Refrigerator Repair

Our refrigerators are the most important (and the most expensive) household appliances. That is why their proper cleaning and maintenance is essential. Our Newport Beach Refrigerator Repair technicians have come up with these tips that might help you in maintaining the unit.

  • Clean the interior of your refrigerator on a weekly basis

It is important to clean the interior with sponge and warm soapy water every week.

  • Regularly check the interior temperature

The ideal temperature for the fridge is 37-40 degrees F. That is why you should check the temperature regularly to make sure it stays the same. If you notice that the temperature constantly changes, call 714 698 88 73 and our professionals of refrigerator repair Newport Beach will come to have a look.

  • Condenser coils should be cleaned twice a year

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The dirt and dust from the coils can have an influence on how your refrigerator works. Consider cleaning them every six months.

  • During the power outage do not open the door

We advise you not to open the refrigerator doors when there is no power. The thing is that the more it is closed, the longer it saves cold air.  And that is essential for the refrigerator.

Here were some of the tips. Call 714 698 88 73 to book an appointment and our technicians of Newport Beach Refrigerator Repair will come to your house to investigate your issue, fix it and give tips specifically for your refrigerator. Call us today.