Myths About Microwave Use (Part 3)

January 24, 2017/in Microwave repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Myths About Microwave Use (Part 3)

Microwave Use Myths! In our previous 2 blog posts we talked about 13 microwave use myths and in this post, we are going to talk about another 7 microwave use myths.

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Microwave Use Myths #1. Microwave use can heat up oils

Unfortunately oils heating in microwave are a total myth. The reason for that is that the molecules that are in the oils lack the polarity that may be found in water. Plus, frozen butter is harder to microwave, because the bulk of it are the oils and the water that is on the surface is in ice form that keep the molecules as crystals. Oscillation becomes more time-consuming.
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Microwave Use Myths #2. Water can be easily heated in the microwave

If you want to drink some tea, you should not heat the water in the microwave. Heating a cup of water in the microwave is able to cause it explode. The thing is that tin microwaves the water becomes superheated that is past the boiling degree, so when you put something inside, the heat may release violently.

Microwave use myths #3. Microwave use heats everything evenly

Another myth. As it was mentioned previously, the microwave use does not prepare very thick objects, like meat. And the food is half-done and half-raw. Sometimes that may be dangerous with meats, because it can still have some harmful bacteria.

Microwave use myths #4. Food that was heated in a microwave is not safe and is not desirable

People who use microwaves can breathe easily because this is a myth. Food that has been cooked in microwave oven is not unsafe. Sometimes it is even healthier. Discover more about cannabis business banking on site The thing is you will have to cook your meat elsewhere.

Microwave use myths # 5. Eating microwaved food causes loss of memory and a decrease of intelligence

That is a total myth. Eating food that had been microwaved doe not do all of those things. It is just all the other ways of heating and cooking, just a little bit quicker. Eat your home-made popcorn without any concerns.

Microwave use myths #6. Plants are able to die by watering them with microwaved water

There was an experiment when a schoolgirl was watering her plant with water from microwave and it died. That exact experiment was done in a True Medical lab and it turned out that it was a myth. It turned out that two out of three plants that were watered by microwaved water lived longer.

Microwave use myths #7. Microwaved food makes us fat

It is just another myth. The food that was cooked with a microwave does not make us fat. Of course, it depends on the food itself. Don’t blame it on the microwave!