Myths About Microwave Use (Part 2)

January 19, 2017/in Microwave repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Myths About Microwave Use (Part 2)

Myths About Microwave Use! In our previous blog post we talked about 5 Myths Surrounding Microwave Use and in this post, we are going to talk about another 5 microwave use myths.

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Myths About Microwave Use #6 You can put everything in microwaves

Myth # 6 You can put everything in microwaves. Unfortunately, it is a myth.

Truth # 7 Not everything can be placed in a microwave oven. For example, plastic when put in there can become very toxic. Even though there are plastic bags that have labels that say that they are microwave safe, don’t believe them. Just never put any kinds of plastic in your microwave oven.

Myths About Microwave Use #7 Metals can get dangerous hot in microwaves

Myth#7 Metals can get dangerous hot in microwaves It is totally untrue.

Truth # 7 The thing is metals reflect the microwaves unlike glass or ceramics that let the waves get through them. That means that metals do not heat up a lot in microwave oven. However you should be very careful with thin metal like foil or the tines of forks because they may be like an antenna and the waves that are arcing off them may create some sparks.

Myths About Microwave Use #8 Microwaves were created because somebody wanted to create it

Myth #8 Microwaves were created because somebody wanted to create it That is a very interesting myth.

Truth # 8 The thing is that microwave oven was created by accident. An engineer Percy Spencer was trying to create radar equipment and the chocolate that he had in his pocket started to melt. At that moment he realized that microwaves can be used on food to heat it rapidly. Thanks to that chocolate bar!

Myths About Microwave Use #9 Microwave use can head up oil myths about microwave use

Myth#8 Microwave use can head up oils Unfortunately oils heating in microwave are a total myth.

Truth #8 The reason for that is that the molecules that are in the oils lack the polarity that may be found in water. Plus, frozen butter is harder to microwave, because the bulk of it are the oils and the water that is on the surface is in ice form that keep the molecules as crystals. Oscillation becomes more time-consuming.

There are a lot of myths that surround microwave use. Don’t listen to them and enjoy your meal. Happy cooking!

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