Myths About Microwave Use (Part 1)

January 16, 2017/in Microwave repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Myths About Microwave Use (Part 1)

There are a lot of people who strongly believe that microwaves are dangerous for your health and they may ruin your food, however not all of them were proven and there is a huge amount of myths about the microwave use.

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Myths About Microwave Use #1 Microwave use is very dangerous for the nutrients

Myth #1 Microwave use is very dangerous for the nutrients. That is a myth.

Truth #1 In fact, any type of cooking changes the chemistry of the food you are making. Yes, microwave use can reduce the level of nutrients in your food; however it also can increase the level for others. Using a microwave does not change foods in some ways that are more dangerous than other types of cooking.

Myths About Microwave Use #2 Microwave use can be very dangerous for your health

Myth # 2 That one is another myth of microwave use. It is strongly believed that microwaves are very bad for the health because of the radiation and that may lead to cancer. That is not true whatsoever.

Truth # 2 In fact the radiation is below the range of radiation that can be seen as dangerous. Microwave use makes the molecules of the food move and that movement creates the heat. So you won’t have any cancer if you just stand next to your microwave.

Myths About Microwave Use #3 Microwave use cooks all the way through

Myth # 3 Unfortunately, that belief is a total myth. They say that microwaves are preparing food from the inside out. It is not correct. The thing is it is just the opposite.

Truth #3 Microwave use helps your food get ready from the outer part to the center. And that is the reason why you should not cook meat in microwave, unless you like raw meat, of course. Your meat will be done only at the edges.

Myths About Microwave Use #4 Microwave use can make your pasta healthier

Myth #4 This myth is a fun one. It is believed that reheating your paste in microwaves makes it healthier for you. The reason for that is that pasta that has been cooled and then reheated is like a resistant starch that is able to prevent the gut from breaking down carbohydrates s and absorbing them as sugar.

Truth # 4 Unfortunately that is not true. If you want your pasta to be healthier choose it whole-grain.

Myths About Microwave Use # 5 Microwave use takes up a lot of energy and electricity

Myth # 5 Some people think that microwaves take up a lot of energy, but that is a myth as well.

Truth # 5 Compare reheating your food and putting it on a gas stove. Microwave use will take less energy. In fact you will be able to save up to 80% of energy if you use your microwave in a correct way.