Interesting Facts You Might Never Knew About Oven History

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Interesting Facts You Might Never Knew About Oven History

Ovens are the best at making magic happen. You can cook from delicious apple pies to roasted turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner. Wouldn’t it be better if we pay back the favor just by learning how it all started? Here you will find more about oven history, and how it changed drastically through time

Oven History – Wood burning ovens

In ancient time people used to cook their meals on open fires which by that time fire was a significant invention among them. Through time, masonry construction was introduced to hold the food and the wood. By the middle ages, Bricks were major items in building short walls along the oven with a long chimney at the top. This helped heat stay inside. Mostly, the food was placed in metal cauldrons that were hung above the fire. The first ever oven being built was in 1490, in Alcase, France. This oven was constructed with Thick brick walls with long chimney and flue.
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Oven History – iron stoves

At 1728, iron stoves made a huge change in the oven production when the Germans introduced five plate iron ovens. If you need help with water damage restoration, contact Emergency Home Solutions serving Tustin, CA company. At the beginning of 1800, Benjamin Thompson created the first ever kitchen iron oven which we still use till this day but with more improved mechanisms. At the beginning, it was made for big kitchens. What this oven had basically were five different heat sources. There were four cooking pots on the top side which can be regulated manually.

Oven History – Kerosene & Coal

Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist invented first sootless kerosene oven.In 1833, Jordan Mott created the first practical coal oven. Mott’s oven was called the baseburner. The oven had ventilation to burn the coal efficiently. To find cleaning contractor in Florida visit The coal oven was cylindrical and made of heavy cast iron with a hole in the top, which was then enclosed by an iron ring.

Oven History – Gas

In 1826 James Sharp invented the first ever semi-successful gas-operated oven. By 1920, most households in the United States had gas operated ovens. The concept of gas operated ovens was picked from iron stove which it had top burners and one major bottom oven. The whole advancement in gas ovens stopped until the government assured all towns around the country had gas lines.

Oven History – Electricity

Electric ovens same as gas ovens weren’t much sold since most households lacked power by 1920’s. Till this day, electrical ovens are not much of a success as gas ovens because gas operated ovens cook more efficiently.

Oven History – Microwaves

The microwave oven was a different type of invention since it was not intended to happen. Percy Spencer, the creator of the microwave oven, got the idea of microwave oven from radar technology since radars emit microwaves. To know more about microwaves go to