How to Store Wine

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How to Store Wine

Appliance Repair Huntington Beach, CA lists down the common tips to preserve your wines at the best quality without spending extra dollars on the appliance.

Getting well acquainted with these tips and facts will not only guide you to store and serve your wine in a proper way, but will ensure that they are preserved safe till you decide to enjoy them.

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Heat is the worst thing to keep close to your wine. Temperatures higher than 70° F will age a wine more quickly and if it gets too much hotter, your wine may lose its flavor and aroma in general. The ideal temperature should be between 45° F and 65° F. 55 is the perfect number in this case.


Keeping your bottles of wine in your house refrigerator is not ideal for the long term storage. There is a lack of moisture in the fridge which will dry the corks and damage the beverage. But, don’t keep in in the freezer as well since if the liquid freezes and turns into ice, it would push the cork out and spoil the wine. Wine Coolers are ideal in this case and since they come in different shapes you can grant yourself this convenience and be more comfortable with the wine storage tips.


After setting the ideal temperature up, it is essential to avoid any extreme or unusual temperature swings, check out Steadiness is key in the art of wine storage too. It could still be delicious if minor rapid swings occur, but keep in mind these guideline tip to have a better wine to taste.


Traditionally, bottles have been stored on their sides in order to keep the liquid up against the cork


Especially sunlight is a potential huge problem for long-term storage. Light ages the wine and this makes the beverage lose its aroma.
If you spend more money on buying new wines because the old ones got ruined or you didn’t know about these tips, then, it is in your benefit, to buy a wine cooler because these tips will merely help you along the way when you store your wines.