How to Keep Your Air Conditioner From Freezing Up

September 21, 2018/in Uncategorized /by Max Global Appliance

How to Keep Your Air Conditioner From Freezing Up

Nothing is more necessary during the hot months than a properly functioning air conditioner. The name of the inventor is one Google Search away but let’s just say thank you and move on. This amazing house appliance saves us sleepless nights and bottles of cold water to keep us cool. Nowadays air conditioning is a must whether it is a store, hospital, a house or a school. It doesn’t even matter if you live in Fresno, California or in Chevak, Alaska – air conditioning comes in handy everywhere.

Unfortunately, as great as air conditioners are they are not flawless and every once in a while, they can break down too. What to do in such cases? Well, call a repair service OR prevent it from the very beginning and spare yourself the trouble. There is not just one thing that can go wrong with air conditioners, in fact, there are many but the most common one is freezing. So, for this article, we will focus on air conditioner freezing and I will share some tips that will help you to keep away your favorite appliance from freezing up.

How do you know if it’s frozen?

It’s actually simpler than you think. In most cases your air conditioner will have ice hanging on it, so there you have it, a visible evidence that your AC is frozen. In other cases, just try to feel the air with your hands and if you can’t then there is a good chance that something is blocked inside and that’s a sign of a frozen air conditioner.

So, what should you do?

It’s actually based on our previous section of causes. Here are a couple of tips that have proven to be useful and really effective when it comes to air conditioning:
 o  Constantly check the refrigerant level
 o  Have scheduled filter changes
 o  Increase the fan speed
 o  Don’t block the supply vents
You can put it on your calendar or set a reminder or even assign it as a chore to your kid but taking care of your air conditioning and watching out for these tips is absolutely necessary if you are trying to avoid frozen air conditioners.

Why does the AC freeze in the first place?

Excellent question! Well, there are multiple causes of freezing including low refrigerant levels, which is an installation mistake, rulertube so you will have to have a professional over to fix it. Another reason is closed supply registers. Perhaps a friend suggested you close some of the supply registers around the house to save on energy but keep in mind that it can lead to a frozen AC. Dirty air filters could very likely cause an air conditioner to freeze as well.

There are other sources too, but these are the basics so, you should keep an eye on them if you are trying to prevent the freezing.

What to do if it froze after all?

Sometimes our efforts are not enough to manage to keep air conditioner from freezing. There are still some things that you can do for damage control until a professional technician can take a look and make the repairs. As soon as you notice that your air conditioning is iced up shut it off. If you don’t the AC will keep burning electricity but with no results. You don’t want to pay money for wasted electricity, right?

Next you are going to wait until the ice melts so that you can find the condensate drain to see whether it’s blocked or no. Check If it is not, then empty it. Just a side note, you can also use a blow dryer to melt the ice and unblock the AC. Try turning the air conditioner back on. It should start working again if no then call an AC repair service as the problem may lie somewhere else and you don’t want to make it worse.

Be Safe

As much as you want to fix the AC on your own, keep in mind that you are working with an appliance that works with electricity so, there are always risks involved. Make sure you comply with safety measures before attempting to repair your AC.