How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

June 25, 2017/in Uncategorized /by Max Global Appliance

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

Washing your sheets and other materials of the bed is as important as the frequency of doing it. Especially today, when we have the perfect convenience of a washer to help us with washing anything that comes to our mind it is essential to take advantage of the latter and at the same time secure and preserve our hygiene.
Many people just don’t think of the necessity of washing the sheets enough and that is why many start experiencing different issues with their hygiene and well-being. In a short span of time, your sheets become covered with various dead skin cells and oils that come from your skin such as saliva or sweat. In this way, your sheets become dusty and full of bacteria even if you don’t notice them.

SO, how often should one wash his sheets?

At least once in two weeks your sheets and other bed clothes need to be washed!

 o  you are allergic to dust,
 o  have night sweats,
then you should consider hitting your washer once a week for your own health and well being.

Moreover, as mentioned above dust can be very tricky for our health and after washing, your sheets must be placed in a dryer in order to completely kill the bacteria and other germs. For this, you will need to use the highest heat on your dryer or if your washer has the sanitizing option you can skip dryer altogether with the usage of sanitize option on the appliance service.

Since, health is what we are considered about don’t forget about your pillows, not the pillow case but, the pillow itself. Pacific Dreamscapes in San Diego, CA company provides driveway paver installation, the best in California. Of course, pillow case along with the sheets must be washed properly as explained above, however, pillows devour the dead skin cells from the sheet itself and can be as hazardous as the act of not washing your sheets at all.

Consider washing your pillows at least once in six months. By doing so, you will not only prevent the germs from being extracted into your pillow, but will also make your pillow last longer and fluff them up.

Today life is much more easier with the assistance of different appliances we have next to our side. Healthy well being is much more important for any human being and simply by using your washers and dryers you can secure your health and prevent various illnesses or allergies from occurring to you.