Which Home Appliance Breaks Down Often

In a family of a young couple where the rather small income is spent on student loans and the like new expenses are beyond inconvenient. When a home appliance breaks down the consequences cause lots of stress and waste of time and money. To know what to expect we are presenting a list of home appliances that are the most and least likely to quit on you.

Home Appliance Breaks down the Most

The worst record in the list of which home appliance breaks down the most is the fridge and related appliances in terms of freezers and icemakers. Note: icemakers have to be cleaned twice a year. The data is based on the customer reviews and appliance repair request the company receives annually regardless of the type of problem they reached out to us with.

home appliance breaks down


One of the reasons why is it your fridge that will break down the most is because it runs nonstop. You barely get enough time to shut it down clean it up and avoid overstuffing, therefore the mess that happens inside your fridge damages the proper course of functioning of your appliance hindering it’s service in a long run. Make sure to give it a break once in a while, clean it properly. The key is to have a mutual respect – take care of the fridge given you want to use it longer.

Home Appliance Breaks down the Least

Finally, here is the part where you can actually breathe. The garbage disposer, the hoods and grills, for once, are quite reliable in term of loyally serving you for years. These ones are right on the bottom of the list of home appliances that are most likely to break down. These ones are, again, quite reliable. But keep in mind that the brand you purchased and the quality it offered pretty much plays the biggest role in the reliability of your appliance. We recommend you spend a fortune but once. Experience shows it always pays off.

home appliance breaks down

Home Appliance Breaks down

Should You Quick Fix on Your Own?

It’s a challenge to know when to do the troubleshooting or the fix of you appliance yourself. Taking caution is a must here since most of your home appliances are connected both to the power source and water source. This is quite a dangerous combination if not handled by a professional. So the key here is to take the responsibility if only you have experience in the field and are sure about what you are doing. Otherwise, get a tech to handle it for you. At least they will guarantee results without further damage.

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