Call now to schedule your same-day appointment with Glendale Appliance Repair! Our company has been successfully fixing household appliances in Glendale since 1999. All of our skilled technicians are licensed, insured, and punctual to the second! We guarantee reliable and effective service, as our experienced professionals will repair your appliance in the shortest time frame possible. Glendale Appliance Repair is ready to appoint skilled technicians to repair your appliance at any hour or day of the week. Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority!

Why Choose Us?

Our professional team will provide exceptional service. We have highly trained, skillful, and reliable technicians who are certified and state licensed in their field of work. 15 years of experience in fixing appliances is their key to success in repairing even the most difficult appliance problems.
Glendale Appliance Repair guarantees high-quality repair and service for all kinds of household appliances. Our experts can tackle issues in ovens, washing machines, vent hoods, wall heaters, air conditioners, and many others. We are aware that some appliance malfunctions could be particularly tricky and even dangerous to repair on your own. For example, a gas leak in an oven could be especially unsafe for you and your family members and should be tended to immediately. Therefore, it is best to hire technicians specialized in their work to provide a safe and quick service. Glendale Appliance Repair will be on your doorstep in sheer minutes after your call!
Same day service is not a problem! Our technicians are at your disposal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You will be glad to know that we do not charge any additional charge for emergency repair services. Are you busy on weekdays and wondering when to set an appointment? Not to worry, we will adapt our schedule, and our professional will tend to your appliance issue at a time and day most suitable for you.
Multi-brand fixes are up our alley! Concerned that your appliance brand is less known and, therefore, could be harder to fix? We assure you that our skilled professionals are familiar with a wide range of household appliance brands and will be able to repair any appliance regardless of the brand. Be it a Montgomery Ward, Hotpoint, Kenmore, or Sears we know the intricate nuances of each.
Glendale Appliance Repair equips its workers with all the necessary instruments and technical parts to repair any household device. Rest assured that our technicians will use modern factory parts straight out of the package and advanced tools to repair your appliance. Hiring our technicians for the repair job will be accompanied by free diagnostics. Our high level of professional service will consistently be affordable for anyone. The price range will remain reasonable no matter the appliance, time or difficulty of the repairs done. Apart from identifying the cause of the issue, explaining possible solutions, and conducting repairs our workers also provide bonus consultation services. They will gladly advise on ways to maintain your household appliance afterward and tips to avoid similar problems.

Warranty and Special Offers

Glendale Appliance Repair provides a 90-day warranty which covers technical parts, installation, and other services. In the unlikely event of encountering a problem with the same part, we will replace the faulty part free of charge. If the 90 days have already past, please call us directly.
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