Fridge Is Not Cooling? Keep on Reading

May 30, 2016/38 Comments/in Refrigerator repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Fridge Is Not Cooling? Keep on Reading

The number of reasons there can be if your fridge is not cooling. Before throwing in the towel make sure to double check the fridge door is firmly shut and the light is off. The latter is a bit of an issue since after you shut the door you can’t really say whether the light is off if your fridge is not one of those new generation appliances with a camera from inside. Anyways, no worries! If the door is firmly shut then that’s far not the cause of the problem.

Fridge is not cooling. Let’s check the defrost timer.

Did you come home from work and you fridge is not doing anything? You don’t hear the fan and there is no sound of compressors. The thermostat is located in the fridge compartment of your appliance and that is the part to be tested. Now, this might sound insane but if your fridge is not cooling go ahead and take a look to make sure is not set on defrost. If so, switch back on and it’s good to go.
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Note: The compressor and the fan? Yeah, we remember! Those are off when the appliance is set on defrost.

Why this kind of issue happens?

The answer is simple. Your appliance switches back on defrost about three times a day to balance temperature ups and downs. However, if it is not turning back on you might be dealing with a bad defrost timer that is connected with the appliance operations. Get a love to pivot tech to replace the defrost timer when your fridge temperature is out of balance and your fridge is not cooling would be the best you can come up with.
Yet another issue that can cause failure with your fridge is the bad thermostat. Now, keep in mind there is water connected with your appliance and power is on. You must make sure you know what you are doing before touching the parts that have power cords on. The thermostat does and here we suggest you give a quick call to a professional to save your day at.
The defrost timer has gone wrong And/or The thermostat quit on you
These are the two common problems that are the reasons why your fridge is not cooling. Either way, keep in mind – you got this! Even if you don’t have the time to troubleshoot our techs will be at your door before you know it!