First Washing Machine (Part II)

Scrub Board – First washing machine

first washing machine

The history of first washing machine goes back to 16th century or even earlier. However, nothing practical happened until 1790s. The first washing machine was invented in 1797. It was usually referred to as “scrub board”. So, women didn’t have to scrub the laundry against rocks anymore. Unfortunately, there isn’t exact evidence of who invented the first washing machine.

Washing machine with a drum – First washing machine

Later, in the year of 1851, James King (American) discovered and patented the first ever washing machine using a drum. This machine looked like the modern ones. However, it was still hand powered. It included soaking, beating and scrubbing. Moreover, women had to carry water used for washing.

Rotary washing machines – First washing machine

first washing machine

Another achievement in the history of washing machine was the invention of rotary washing machines. It was discovered by Hamilton Smith in 1858. However, the first washing machine convenient for home usage was invented in 1874 by William Blackstone from Indiana. It was a birthday present for his wife. It was the first ever washing machine which removed and washed away dirt from clothes. The washing machines were mostly built of steel or wooden tubes. Besides, as electricity wasn’t available, these appliances were run by a low- speed single cylinder hit.

Electric-powered washing machines – First washing machine

With the invention of electricity, the first electric- powered washing machines were discovered in 1908. It was called “The Thor”, invented by Alva J. Fisher. The electric-powered washing machine was introduced by Hurley Machine Company of Chicago, Illinois. However, the patent for this electric appliance was issued on August 19, 1910. The Thor had an electric motor. It was a drum-type appliance with a galvanized tub. But the greatest problem with the first electric-powered washing machines was that the water penetrated into the electric parts causing overheating and sparks.

Automatic washing machines – First washing machine

First automatic washing machines appeared in 1930. They were introduced by Bendix Corporation. They immediately applied for a patent and issued it in the same year. This machine was very expensive.first washing machine

Top-loading washing machines – First washing machine

During the World War II, automatic washing machines were developed as manufacturers realized that it would be the future of the industry. By the year of 1950s top loading washing machines

The greatest achievement of the modern washing machine is the microcontroller for timing process. They are reliable and cost- effective. So electro mechanic timers have been replaced by microcontrollers.

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