Everything You Need to Know about Laundry Dryer

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Everything You Need to Know about Laundry Dryer

Most of us think that dryers were an innovation by humanity. But if you want to know the reality behind laundry dryer invention, we can trace it back to the 19th century. Even people back then wanted to dry their clothes easily, so we’re not only the lazy ones over here!

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Laundry Dryer History – Early days

Looking at our latest advancement in technology, we see solar powered dryers as a huge leap in modernizing our electronics, and however solar power was also a source of energy when people washed rinsed and wrung out clothes by hand and placed them on rocks, or hung from tree branches to dry out from the sun. By early 1800s, a French man named Pochon invented a dryer called the Ventilator which basically was made of a barrel-shaped metal drum with holes in it. it worked by operating manually with spinning over a fire. This invention made the basis for future generation dryers.

Laundry Dryer History – Evolution of dryers

George T Sampson, who revolutionized dryers, was heavily credit at that time. Although some people criticized him for stealing the idea from Pochon, and taking the full credit from him. What he did is that he picked the ventilator dryer and using stove/oven as a heat source. But a lack of durability made the dryer break down easily and made it hard to put it back together.

Laundry Dryer History – Electric-powered dryers

In 1915 the first ever electric powered dryer was introduced, but it wasn’t sold not until 1938 when Hamilton Manufacturing Company introduced automatic dryers to the market. It was considered as a luxury item to have a dryer during mid-sixties since it cost about $1500 by today’s value. It wasn’t until early 1990’s where most people could afford a dryer because of fast advancement in technology. Thanks to technology today we have spin dryers and tumble dryers.

Laundry Dryer History – Competition between Spin & Tumble Laundry dryers

It is proven by various technicians that spin dryers are more efficient in extracting water from clothes. Also, spin dryers are better and economical regarding less energy consumption compared to tumble dryers. The only downside of spin dryers is that it doesn’t dry clothes completely. It needs to be hung in order to get dried completely.