Dryer Installation

By Max Global Appliance Repair

Dryer Installation

Did you purchase a brand new dryer? Do not call anyone yet. You got this! We are here to guide you through dryer installation.

Dryer Installation

Here is the list of items you will most probably find in the box:
- Water drain hose
- Filter drawer spare sponge
- User Manual
- Drying basket

Note, however, that these will be in the package depending on the model. Fingers crossed, you have all of these components before you start your dryer installation.

Next, you are about to start your dryer installation; Prepare the following tools and extra components you will need to get this over with once and for all.
Dryer Installation

Back to the procedure of Dryer installation! Let’s get started!

 - Turn off the power to the dryer installation area at the breaker box.
 - Turn off the gas at the shut-off valve.
 - Connect the gas line.
 - Test the gas connection.
 - Install your dryer exhaust tube.
 - Plug in the dryer and push it into final position.
 - Level the dryer.
 - Test the dryer after the dryer installation is complete.

Too complicated? Let’s start over. This is simply a dryer installation, not a rocket science.

- If you have a dryer you most certainly you have the space. Space is crucial if you want you dryer to serve a lifetime. Make sure to place it in an open area that’s being well ventilated.
Place the dryer 10-15 inches away from the wall to make sure the air flow in and out through the vents is not hindered. Additional spacing for installation won’t hurt either.
The floor has to be reliable enough to support the dryer weight which is 200 lbs in average. Have stable grounds!
- You will get an instructions notebook for your model as well. Look through the electrical requirements and note what kind of electrical connections you will be using to get your dryer running.
- Prepare dryer for leveling the legs. Screw in the leveling legs. If the dyer is not standing on one level use a wood block or something more convenient to adjust it.

Now that you checked the gas connection and plugged in the dryer KEEP IN MIND!

- Never forget to constantly clean the lint tramp
- Keep checking the venting tube
- Make sure your appliance is standing on even ground
- After using the dryer sheets considerable number of times clean up the residue it left inside.
- Do not squeeze your washer into a tiny laundry room
- Put a screen over the vent open to the outside
- Do not squeeze in as much as you possibly can, the belt around the drum will break not supporting the weight. Your Clothes, on the other hand, will take ages to dry.
- Avoid putting all the wrong things in starting with very delicate materials finishing with coins from your pockets. Wigs, toys and purses are to be excluded as well.