Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions

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Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions

Do you know how to fix a broken washing machine? I guess no, and that is normal unless you are specialized in washing machine repair. But of course there are trillion of advice over the web of how to fix all kinds of simple and not quite simple issues with this “merry go around carousel” thing. I do not know how to fix them either, in fact, I have never saw a broken appliance of that kind in my life but reading made me believe they do break once in a half of a century and for that they will pick quite an unexpected time. So it is good to learn some Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions that may be fixed by you at home.

Deep problems are always advisable to leave to experts, unless you want to break the machine completely, but why torture yourselves, you can always use a good hammer.

Well then below listed Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions, let’s follow them:
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Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions #1 The washer door is stuck and is not opening

Quite a common issue and may be the most irritating one since the work is over and you are to take out the clean clothes and suddenly you realize that you just cannot open the door. I really do not know what kind of thoughts pass the minds of persons experiencing this, but I guess they are a mix of surprise, anger, etc.

What to do? There may be a stuck clothes issue, so just make the washer work a bit more so that the clothes move and the lock is opened. Another reason may be a digital one, so just switch off the machine and then turn it on. Also when the drainage is poor, it is time to check the draining hose, since if it does not take out the water, the lock will not open for safety issues.

Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions #2 The washing machine moves around

Because of incorrect balance, the washer changes its position on the floor. They say it even “dances”. The solution is to adjust its height properly; you can put something under it to level it up.

Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions #3 Unpleasant odors

This is because over time the machine get’s dirty and accumulates mould. The solution is to buy a special cleaning solution and make the washer work empty with it.

Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions #4 Noise inside

Coins or loose buttons are very common reason behind this. You have to check the heater hole, the sump hose hole or the filter. Also if you turn the drum manually and hear the noise, then the drum bearings should be replaced.

Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions #5 The washer won’t spin

May be you have put smaller amount of clothes inside and its sensors do not recognize there is work to do, put some more clothes but do not overload it.

Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions #6 The detergent dispensers are full of water

May be you use a wrong detergent or the dispenser needs cleaning. Read the instructions to chose the correct detergent and clean the dispensers once in a month. Pour into them a cup of hot white vinegar and it will clean them from clogs and residue.
But whatever you do, do no forget to unplug the device for your safety. Also if you are not sure you can do it, the common sense will tell you to call a specialist to fix it.
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