Common appliance problems and their fixes (part 1)

December 11, 2018/in Uncategorized /by Max Global Appliance

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Appliance problems in our house can be very annoying for all family members.
Fortunately, there are many appliance repair companies like Fresno Appliance Repair that can fix our appliance issues very quickly and effectively.

But if you think that the appliance problems in your house occur very often and want to learn what to do to fix them read this article.

Here you can find a good advice from our professionals and learn how to fix common appliance problems.
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Garbage Disposer

When your garbage disposer didn’t work, first of all, check that it gets electricity. If you see that there is no electricity press the thermal overload button. Flip the wall switch and your disposer should be working again.
If after flipping the wall switch the motor hums then you should immediately unplug the disposer. You should have an Allen wrench that comes with your disposer. Insert that wrench into a hole at the bottom of the disposer. Then you should turn the disposer back and forth to loosen the jam. The next step is to run the water into the sink, turn on the disposer and then it should be working smoothly again.
Another problem with the disposer could be its overloaded motor that gets too hot. Here you can discover an experienced paving contractors. Give it a time to cool. When you see that it is cooled enough just push the reset button.


If you find that your refrigerator doesn’t cool the first thing that you should do is to check coils which could be filled with garbage or hair. Many experts say that for emergency garage door repair in California you should hire experienced and dedicated technicians. If the coils are filled they will cause to an overheated compressor. And now, you must clean the coil with the special brush. The cleaned coils will help the refrigerator to turn back on again.

Other problems with the refrigerator

There can be a range of other problems with the refrigerator, such as:

– noisy refrigerator, find the location of the noise and try to troubleshoot it.
– not working light, check visually the light bulb, you can also check it with a multimeter or simply replace it with the new one.
– leaking refrigerator,
– there is no ice in the ice maker, the reason can be issues with the water fill system, inspect it to see whether it is frozen or not.
– too cold fridge,
– too warm fridge,
– too cold freezer here can be a problem with the air damper or freezer control. It can be defective or can be set improperly.