How to Clean Your Oven with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Cleaning an oven might seem very complicated and lengthy procedure when taking a look, but it’s not as difficult as it seems when you have to use just two basic home natural ingredients to clean your oven and turn it back to its newly unpacked previous condition.

clean your oven

By avoiding cleaning your oven regularly you might end up needing an oven repair one day. All we need is Baking soda, some water, and little amount of vinegar (which all are under $1) are better and more efficient compared to the chemical cleaning detergents since these detergents have strong chemical substances in them ad, use baking Soda and viare really bad for us Instead, use baking Soda and vinegar to clean up all the sticky grimes that are remained after you cooked those smoky baby back ribs and that one big 20 pounded turkey you roasted during Thanksgiving.

                                             clean your ovenclean your oven

Instructions on how to clean your oven:

  1. Remove the oven racks from the oven and any other obstacles that might bother you while you’re cleaning the oven.
  2. Heat up your oven to a moderately high temperature so that the sticky grease turns into ash. After a couple of minutes, turn off your oven.
  3. Sprinkle the baking soda on the different over spilled areas of the oven, afterward, spray water on the sprinkled baking soda and get it nicely moist and get it to a level where it’s converted into a paste.
  4. Let it sit overnight in order to let the baking soda eat through the sticky grimes.clean your oven
  5. On the next day grab a cleaning cloth and start wiping the baking soda from the oven (Hint: to know that you’re on the right track, check the cleaning cloth and its color should be brownish, which are the dirty, sticky grease you just cleaned off from the oven)
  6. Use a little amount of vinegar (about two tablespoons) mixed with water to eliminate the dried off pasty baking soda remaining since vinegar reacts with baking soda and foams up which can be easily wiped off with a cloth!
  7. Do a final wipe with a dry cloth and replace the racks back and the remaining tools back into the oven, and there you have! A nice clean oven!


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