How to Clean Washing Machines – Useful Tips

October 14, 2016/2 Comments/in Washing Machine repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

How to Clean Washing Machines – Useful Tips

As strange as it sounds washing machines can get dirty and smell bad requiring a regular cleaning. There are certain reasons why your washing machines need to be cleaned:Reasons for uncooked dishes can be the.
 - First of all, some washing machines might give out bad smell because of the way they are designed as they might hold water in some of their components which are themselves a “house” for mold and mildew.
 - Cleaning will release you from having to deal with smelly clothing after washing.
 - The components and pipes of your washing machine might get filled with lime because of the water causing bad performance of the appliance..
 - Even humid climate can be a reason for mildew and bad smell of your washing machine as it won’t be able to dry completely.
 - Finally, cleaning will help you avoid washer performance violations.
After learning why you should clean your washing machine, the task stops sounding as strange as it used to. The different types of washing machines need to be cleaned differently.

Top-Load Washing Machines Cleaning

Instead of advising you to buy some expensive and chemical means of cleaning the washing machine, we are going to introduce you to the natural and homemade ways of doing it step by step:

  o  Take out white vinegar and some cloths for cleaning (you can also add some soda to it as well or use two cups of lemon juice instead of vinegar)
  o  Set the washing machine to the highest temperature and capacity as well as the longest cycle suggesting program
  o  Pour four cups of the vinegar into the hot water and let it stir for several minutes with its lid closed
  o  After that you need to open the lid which will cause the machine to stop. Keep the machine that way for an hour thus letting the vinegar carry out all the cleaning process getting rid of all bacteria.
  o  During the one-hour rest you should pass on to cleaning the exterior of your washing machine which should again be done with the help of vinegar. All you need is to wipe the exterior of your appliance, the lid and control panel with a cloth covered with vinegar. Carefully remove the bleach and softener reservoirs and clean them with the cloth.
  o  Let the washing machine finish the cycle.
Some top-loaders come with self sanitizing systems and some of the latter require bleach usage. You need to read the instructions carefully if you are planning to clean the machine this way. However, the natural ways of cleaning are always the best.

Front-Load Washing Machines Cleaning machines

The front loaders also can be cleaned via the above mentioned way, only the technique changes a little:

  o  Mix baking soda and water (1/4 cup of each) in a bowl
  o  Pour 2 cups of vinegar into a special measuring cup
  o  The detergent container of your washing machine needs to be filled with the mixture of soda
  o  As to the vinegar, it goes into the drum
  o  Again comes the setting of washer at the hottest temperature
  o  Let the soda and vinegar do their job getting you rid of all your washing machine dirt and mold after which you are free to clean the exterior i.e. the bleach and softener reservoirs as well as the rubber seal with some cloth.
Don’t forget about the washing machine filters that collect everything you leave in the pockets of your clothing. Unscrew the filter cap and pull out all the odd things in hot water.

Preserve the regular cleaning of your washing machine (at least once a month) and follow the instructions in order to maintain its quality performance and long-term use.