How to Clean Kitchen Appliances Naturally With Only ONE Ingredient?

Clean Kitchen Appliances Naturally With Only One Ingredient!

kitchen appliancesBaking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is commonly used in baking and cooking. Without that white powder the bread and cookies wouldn’t rise and would be flat enough.

Besides in cookies it is widely used as

  • cosmetic material with the help of which you can make natural deodorant,
  • skin exfoliator,
  • softener,
  • it’s also great solution for relieving sunburn,
  • soda plus shampoo is a perfect solution for oily hair,
  • you can also create your own toothpaste and make your teeth shine like a pearl.

Baking soda has its cleaning effect also in domestic cleaning – more specifically, it is used for cleaning kitchen appliances.

kitchen appliances

Still looking for high quality kitchen scrubs and spending a big amount of money on dish soaps, concentrated dish liquids?  Just stop it for a moment.

Do you see the signs of black tea on the glass?

Take the glass, pour some baking soda in it, mix with a little water and rub inside the glass. It will turn to a new extra clean shining glass and no concentrated dish liquid could show a result like that. After this you’ll stick to cleaning kitchen appliances with baking soda.

You can clean pots and pans without any difficulty, what you need to do is to simply pour some soda in them and leave for approximately 15 minutes. And you’ll see how easily you get rid of the leftover food cleaved to the pans. Want your oven to shine? Start to clean kitchen appliances with baking soda. There is no hard physical work.

Here are the 3 steps to clean kitchen appliances: 1#Oven

  • Make sure that the oven is turned off,
  • Before you go to bed just pour some soda on the bottom of the oven,
  • Add a little water to make it moisten,
  • Leave it till morning,
  • In the morning you just need to rub with a sponge and all the dirt will come out.
Clean kitchen appliances: 2#Gas Stove Burners
clean kitchen appliances

Gas stove burners get dirty quite often, almost every day. The first day you can rub with a wet clothe, the other day you can wash with water. But it you don’t handle something professional your gas will look old and dirty, no matter how many times you wash it per day. The effective solution is again to clean kitchen appliances with baking soda.

  • Turn of all the gas burners,
  • Make sure that the stove is cool enough to touch,
  • Take off the gas burners,
  • Place them into hot water,
  • Take each of them out of water,
  • Rub with baking soda,
  • And again place into water.

Any metal or glass will surely shine after cleaning with baking soda! There is no hard physical work. Start to clean kitchen appliances with baking soda.