Fridge Items – 20 Items Your Fridge Should Contain

Here we want to suggest twenty fridge items every fridge should contain. This is a joke of course since everyone is free to put into his fridge whatever he or she likes.

Have you thought how many times per day you open and close you fridge on average? fridge items

Statistics say it is more than ten times. That is because fridge is connecting us with something without which we cannot go on, that is food.

So here is the list which we think contains 20 most favorite fridge items to have in the fridge for any kind of person.

The list is not made according to importance from up to down, the items are placed randomly.

So, here is the list which we think contains 20 most favorite fridge items to have in the fridge for any kind of person.

  1. fridge itemsEggs – This is number 1. No eggs, no fridge, this is that straightforward


2.fridge items Milk – think of morning cereal, or a cup of hot cocoa




3. Carrots – They must always be there, yes vitamins, but more color, if you see they are there then everything else is healthy  fridge items



  4. fridge itemsOnions and Garlic – are used in many dishes, sandwiches and more



5. Lemon – good lemon tea, lemon juice fridge items


fridge items6. Ketchup  – fried potatoes





7. Butter – if you like a good bread and butter sandwich with good jamfridge items




8. fridge itemsCheese – morning sandwich and salads






9. Ice-cream – should be of several types and as much as possible fridge items






10.  Beer – well, this one just preferably fridge items




fridge items11. Juice – orange and tomato juice is a must







fridge items12. Water – should be there especially in hot weather





13. fridge itemsGreenery – healthy diet






14. Sausages and Meat – this is if you are not a vegan and want to get full fridge items




fridge items15. Tomatoes – yummy salads





16. Frozen fish – happy Fridays fridge items



17. Chicken – this is actually not a must, but good to have fridge items




18. Peanut butter – this is if you are addicted to it





20. Jams – orange and strawberry jams 



This is of course not an exhaustive list but items listed should always be found in all fridges.


Refrigerator Temperature Settings: Fridge Temperature Guide

Orefrigerator temperaturef course all of us know by heart what the correct refrigerator temperature is, and we set it once in a while ourselves. That’s a joke of course, since many of us even think the fridge comes preset and we have nothing to do with the refrigerator temperature dial inside. Or we have just no mood to mingle with the inside of the fridge. So here is what is considered to be the right figures for the fridge and the freezer. For the right refrigerator temperature you must set it to be from 0 to 4 degrees Celsius.

For the freezer the ideal temperature should be nearly minus 18. So on average it is recommended that you set you refrigerator temperature to be 3 degrees Celsius.

The Right Refrigerator Temperature: What Causes Food To Spoil?

Why we put food in the fridge after all?refrigerator temperature Almost all of us grew up when the fridge was already there (then came the freezer), and we took it for granted that certain food must be kept in the fridge.
We know that if we do not do that, the food will get spoiled. That means that some small microorganisms known as bacteria may eat out food and thus spoil it. That’s why we smell the spoiled food. We do not want that so we use fridge to freeze these gluttons among with our food.

One thing is certain we cannot freeze it as much as we want, there should be a proper refrigerator temperature.

The Right Refrigerator Temperature: Why To Use Fridge Thermometers?refrigerator temperature

Once we set the correct refrigerator temperature, we may think that the mission is complete. In fact it appears that various parts of the fridge will maintain different temperatures even if it is correctly set. This may be solved by a special fridge thermometer, which is not expensive, hardly more than five dollars, but will show exactly what the coldest and warmest parts in the fridge are. Some modern fridges have already special screens, which shows the current and the recommendd temperatre. But the old fridges do not have this.

You can you this information to put the food you want to be frozen most in the coldest places, like for example the meat, eggs and milk.

Also, if at any point the electricity will go, you can monitor the refrigerator temperature during the outage time to know how long you can wait before your food may be spoiled.


Refrigerator Not Cooling? 5 Tips For Refrigerator Care

You are back against the wall when you find out suddenly your refrigerator not cooling. Refrigerators come with proper appliance maintenance and care requirements which is the case with other kitchen appliances too.

Refrigerator malfunctioning and undesirable defects may adversely influence on your day and stomach. If you want to keep your refrigerator running like new, perform these quick tasks.  For a start bear in mind the following 5 useful tips in case your refrigerator not cooling or leaking or has some other issue.

Refrigerator Not Cooling? #1 Check the door seals Refrigerator Not Cooling

If the seal of your fridge is not loose, it will allow cold air to seep out, which will result in waste of energy and your fridge will work harder than it must and as a result you will find your refrigerator not cooling properly.

  1. Firstly, check, whether there are food residue in seals or not. If yes, clean the seals twice a year, using soda.
  2. Then, do a test: take a piece of paper of the size of a dollar bill, close it in the door the way the paper is half inside the fridge, half outside. Afterward, see if it has slipped out quickly or not. In case of  positive outcome, you need the help of appliance repair professionals to check the door seals of your fridge thoroughly.

Refrigerator Not Cooling? #2 Set the right temperatureRefrigerator Not Cooling

The right temperature is the key to refrigerator maintenance. So, keep the fridge between 37 – 40 degrees and the freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Refrigerator Not Cooling? #3 Never leave it empty even if you don’t cook Refrigerator Not Cooling

To  maintain a low temperature, a lot of food and drinks should be inside the fridge ( ‘thermal mass’), to absorb the warm air that comes inside it when you open a door. However, if you don’t cook at home, prefer to eat outside, or simply your fridge is too big for you, keep several bottles of water in there.

Refrigerator Not Cooling? #4 Be prepared for unexpected issues 

refrigerator not cooling

Remember! In case of the power failure, leave the fridge door closed. A closed refrigerator keeps food safe for more than three hours. The fridge freezer will control the insider temperature for 48 hours if it is full and 24 hours if  inner space is empty.

Refrigerator Not Cooling? #5 Always keep the coils clean refrigerator not cooling

The refrigerator can’t work efficiently if the condenser coils are covered  with dust and dirt. Two times a year reveal the coils, unplug the fridge, vacuum with the brush.

However, if after all your refrigerator not cooling, then it is high time to apply to Max Global Appliance Repair. Our technicians at Lars Additions will make your refrigerator look like new. The smooth and long-term after-repair performance is guaranteed. refrigerator not cooling


Why Should You Use Deep Freezers

With the wide variety of refrigerators you will surely wonder whether you really need a deep freezer or not. Are freezers worth the money some people pay for? It turns out that deep freezers are an essential part of your kitchen appliance collection and could be helpful in a variety of ways and for different uses.deep freezers

But before passing on to presenting the main reasons for which you should purchase a deep freezer let’s first define the essence of these appliances.

Deep freezers also known as chest freezers are standalone appliances with a lid meant to be opened from the top, and are available in different sizes offering extra space for storage and refrigeration of foods.

Why Should You Use Deep Freezers #1 Save Money

deep freezersDeep freezers will save you money as they tend to consume comparatively less energy. Many chest freezers come with lf illumination linear lighting and so called manual defrost which itself is more energy efficient than the automatic one. However, if you are not cooking at home and are going to throw just a few things in your freezer then we don’t advise you to waste money on one. The freezer is great first of all because it will give additional space for refrigeration together with noticeable changes in your monthly expenses.

Why Should You Use Deep Freezers #2 Fresh Vegetables and Fruits in Winter

Owning a deep freezer at your home will mean that the chances are great you will be eating fresh “summer” food during the frosts of winter. Freeze vegetables and fruits in special bags putting them into the chest freezer. Tomatoes, berries, green beans and even blueberries will be no less tasty as they are in summer.deep freezers

Why Should You Use Deep Freezers #3 Durability

Not enough room in your kitchen for installing a chest freezer? Well, that’s not a big deal! Chest freezers are designed in a way that makes them quite durable unlike many other kitchen appliances which means you can locate your freezer anywhere comfortable for your house, say in the garage.

Why Should You Use Deep Freezers #4 Space Efficiency

Most deep freezers come with comparatively fewer compartments and shelves hence enabling you to store more food loosely and comfortably.

Why Should You Use Deep Freezers #5 High-Quality Freezing

deep freezersEven if your power has been cut unexpectedly you can still be calm about your food continuing to be frozen as chest freezers come with special built-in insulation which helps keeping the cold temperature for a long time You can have great pieces of ice with the help of freezers. Simply, put a plastic tub of ice in freezers and wait for the results. You can keep the so called ready-to-bake dishes in the freezers and make a fast dinner out of them when needed.

Note: The deep freezer will still preserve your food frozen and fresh for two or three days without being plugged!




Five Common Signs That Your Refrigerator Needs Repair

Refrigerator needs repair? Maybe not? Read on to find out whether your refrigerator actually needs repair or not!

refrigerator needs repair

Imagine one day you were left without your refrigerator and you had to throw away all the yummy foods you saved for later. Just like ourselves, we should take care of our refrigerators more often and help it maintain its Excellency all over its lifespan. So sit back and follow the instructions on how to realize if your refrigerator is sick:

Refrigerator needs REPAIR if you notice

  1. dripsDrips from the ceiling:  sometimes when you put a hot boiled food in your refrigerator it can release water particles into the top of the ceiling and cause drips, so it is better if you put a cover on your food before putting in your refrigerator. But if that’s not the case, then you have a clogged condensate drain, instantly get in touch with a service repair to get that issue solved.

2.  The compressor is not running:refrigerator needs repair if the compressor (which is located at the lower back of your refrigerator) is not making a low humming sound which is different than of the internal fan, then you should consider replacing the starter on the compressor.




3.  Stuck fridge fan: when you open the door and you hear refrigerator needs repaira constant change in the sound of the fan. Sometimes what happens that the fan blades get stuck against the side or, the fan blades itself goes back and sits against the motor which causes the blades to get stuck.

4.  Your refrigerator being off balance

refrigerator needs repairrefrigerators can be quickly set up unbalanced when not being pedantic. This can cause the refrigerator doors not closing on itself when you let it go, so it’s preferred that you readjust the balance by screwing the two legs on each side evenly and equally.

5.  Torn refrigerator gasket:refrigerator needs repair when touching with greasy hands, or spilling food on the surface where the door gasket attaches to can cause the surface to get sticky by time and can prevent the gasket to be detached from the surface.

To avoid such problems, always try to clean the refrigerator gasket and the opposite surface where it attaches. If it is a point that your refrigerator gasket is harshly torn you should consult to your nearest repair service so that they would come and replace the old gasket with a new one.

Why Subzero Refrigerators Are The Finest

What’s the point of having a kitchen if it’s not equipped with desired appliances? Imagine one day you come home tired from work, and you want to roast the pork chops that you bought earlier. It doesn’t take a lot to mess up your lunch if your oven isn’t performing as it should. But if you have the adequate appliances, your expectations will be surpassed indeed. Taking Subzero for an instance, it is a brand that has dedicated its all production years in designing techniques to make our kitchens a place of worship. They produce high-quality refrigerators such as built-in and stainless steel with other kinds of refrigeration storage like wine storage or drawers.



Subzero Pro 48 Refrigerator



This certain model is technologically advanced that no other refrigerators have a chance to get compared with it. The Subzero Pro 48 model is capable of storing a high humidity or as they call it, the ‘’crisper’’ which is used for storing vegetables in their freshest state. On the other hand, it is also equipped with low humidity drawer which is used for storing meat and keep them in their freshest state as possible. The Subzero Pro 48 Model also has an option in its control panel to adjust its temperature as desired. You can choose either the buttons warmer or colder. The options that this model has is significant because it can notify the owner with an alarm if its door is left open or it needs a repair  if it does, then you have to call the most qualified technicians to come and solve the problem for you as soon as possible.



Subzero Built-In Refrigerator



Having the same features as the Subzero Pro 48, this Built-in design comes in carbon, platinum, and framed, also with classic stainless. When ordering this model, you can choose what different layout you prefer, such as over and under or side by side. The advantageous part of this model is that it can blend in with the kitchen’s cabinet and be integrated into the kitchen’s design.


Subzero Integrated Refrigerator



The Subzero integrated model is same as the built-in model but instead of being placed in the kitchen it is placed inside living or other rooms such as the master bedroom. It comes in different sizes which make them look like drawers, but in reality, they are refrigerators. This model can store drinks and snacks which can be accessed easily without even leaving your room.


Subzero Wine storage



This particular model is designed to store wines and keep it in its fresh state. It helps the wine to maintain its ideal humidity level to age wine properly. On top of that, the Subzero Wine storage can come in different models such as under counter or top counter and has a glass door which can prevent UV from penetrating and hit the Wine. It also shares common features like the Subzero Pro 48 in having an advanced control panel.

6 Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator


Refrigerator can be referred to as “heaven” for foods as they make them last longer. We put everything into a refrigerator; fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, alcohol, juice and so on. However, it turns out that it isn’t recommended to put everything into a fridge. There are some types of foods which will lose their freshness or taste. So, before putting everything into a refrigerator, read the list below and learn which food or drink you shouldn’t keep in refrigerator.

Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator N1 Tomatoes Refrigerator

Fridge is not the best place for tomatoes. Actually tomatoes like heat but not cold. If you put tomatoes, they may lose their texture and taste. They’ll be good for cooking, but not for eating.



Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator N2 Potatoes

Refrigerators completely change the taste of potatoes. They may become a little bit sweet. Moreover, refrigerating potatoes can damage texture as well and also the way they are cooked.


Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator N3 Bananas Refrigerator

If you put green bananas into a fridge then they will stay green for a long time. On the other hand, if you have rotten bananas but want them to keep for some time, then you should put them into a refrigerator. The skin may turn brown or even black, but the fruit inside will not be damaged.



Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator N4 Honey

Honey is considered to be a naturally preserved food. It won’t change its freshness even after 1000 years. If you keep honey in a fridge it may cause crystallization, hence it would be really difficult to spread it on bread. So, instead of putting honey into a refrigerator, keep it in a tightly closed container.


Foods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator N5 Coffee Refrigerator

This will be interesting for coffee addicts. Remember: Do not keep coffee in a refrigerator. Ground coffee or beans should not be stored in a fridge as they may lose they taste. Moreover, they can take additional odor from the food stored nearby. If you have bought a large amount of coffee it’s better to keep it in a freezer.


RefrigeratorFoods You Shouldn’t Keep in Refrigerator N6 Bread

It’s undeniable that refrigerators slow down the process of ripening, but in case of bread the opposite phenomenon can be noticed. Refrigerator may dry out your bread quickly. So, if you want to store your bread to keep it longer, it would be better to keep it in a freezer.








4 Interesting Facts About Refrigerator History

Refrigerators are one of the most important factors in our lives since they store everything we live off. We use them on a daily basis, but you don’t know what the story behind that big door is. Most people are not aware of refrigerator history since refrigerators are viewed as a blunt object and there isn’t much to know about. In fact, there is a lot of stories revolving around refrigerators, and most of them will amaze you!

refrigerator history


Interesting fact about refrigerator history 1:

Refrigerator consumes about 12% of your home energy bill. It is always in the cooling process 24/7 so just imagine refrigerator historyhow much watts of power is consumed. Other factors can also effect on the work rate of your refrigerator especially when sources of heat are around such as the emitted heat from the oven and dishwasher. Not everyone knows that opening and closing your refrigerator can cause heat to enter inside, thus directly influencing on the work rate of the refrigerator which consumes lot of energy. To take it to another level, some people dissect their refrigerators into little bits of pieces and start going through, to see if it needs a repair.


Interesting fact about refrigerator history 2:

November 15, is national clean out your refrigerator day. Not every one of us cleans refrigerator even at least once in two years. To be honest, it doesn’t require that much of an effort to do so hire a domestic worker. You just need to take out the shelves, and the tracks outside plus all you need is a cloth and a cleaning product.


Interesting fact about refrigerator history 3:refrigerator history

You could go down in Guinness book if you have a lot of fridge magnets. One woman from Nevada named Louise Greenfarb, went down in Guinness book for having 32,000 collections of impressive magnets. It’s all about creativity, property manager and a matter of time!

Interesting fact about refrigerator history 4:

Energy Star refrigerators are the best and economical. In order to receive an Energy Star rating, refrigerators should consume 15% less energy than required by current federal and international standards.

refrigerator history

How to Decide Which Refrigerator to Choose

From all kitchen appliances refrigerator is probably the most used one. Moreover, it’s considered to be one of the most expensive appliances. So, before buying one you usually ask yourself; how to decide which refrigerator to choose. Actually choosing a right refrigerator is not as easy as it may seem. We figured out some tips which you can take into consideration while purchasing a new refrigerator. Have a look at our tips.

which refrigerator to choose

Decide Which Refrigerator to Choose Tip #1 Consider the sizewhich refrigerator to choose

The first tip we offer is the right size. Measure the territory you plan to install the refrigerator. You should take into account additional space in front of the appliance for the doors to swing and also allow some space on top so that to let off the heat from the motor.

Decide Which Refrigerator to Choose Tip #2 Consider the style

There are some popular styles that are very much recommended. These are;

  • Top mount fridges. Such kind of refrigerators are cheaper to purchase and cheaper to run. The freezer is on the top while the fridge is below.
  • Side-by-Side refrigerators. In this case the fridge and freezer are alongside to one another. The foremost advantage of side-by-side refrigerators is their design. However, for such kinds of refrigerators you need a big kitchen as it may take lots of space.which refrigerator to choose
  • Bottom-mount refrigerators. This model has become popular recently. The freezer is on the top, while the fridge is located under the freezer.
  • French door refrigerators. In this type of refrigerators the freezer is located under the fridge. The fridge which is on the top has two narrow doors. Actually, such kinds of refrigerators are considered to be the current trend.
  • Decide Which Refrigerator to Choose Tip #3 Consider Electricity Bill

One of the recent achievements of manufacturers is the energy efficiency of the appliance. Almost all the new types of refrigerators consume less energy thus are much more environmentally friendly. If you want to find reputable painting company in Ireland visit site for more details. On the one hand, the refrigerators which consume less energy are more expensive. On the other hand, they save almost half of the daily energy. So, they are expensive to buy, but cheap to run.

  • Decide Which Refrigerator to Choose Tip #4 Consider the brand which refrigerator to choose

We recommend you to choose a brand that has an office in your community or city. Moreover, pay attention to other services as well. It is preferable to choose such a brand which has a repair service so that in case of break down they can fix it with discount.


5 Tips to Make Your Fridge Work Efficiently

Our refrigerators are one of the most important home appliances that help us store our food and nutrients in order to consume at any point of our days. To have our food and nutrients be stored in a safe place, we need to take care of our refrigerators in order to improve its work rate efficiency and more importantly, save energy to avoid any kind of mechanism failure. hence, we are providing you with tips to make your fridge work efficiently.

make your fridge work efficiently

Make Your Fridge Work Efficiently Instructions 

  1. Keep away from heat: to begin with some hints on how to make your fridge work efficiently keep in mind that refrigerator’s compressor gears up when it feels any kind of heat source from its surroundings, which on the long run, can decompose the mechanical system of the refrigerator. One the most heat omitted areas are around stoves and any other kind of electrical appliances that work on energy consumption such as dishwashers and any other refrigerators.
  2. Substitute rubble seal on the door: moving on with how to make your fridge work efficiently note that rubble seals can be found in every home appliance stores and can cost almost nothing compared to how much you will be saving your electricity bill every month. These rubber seals are attached to the opening frames of your refrigerator can keep away any kind of warm air or heat to enter inside. So by attaching rubble seals on your refrigerator it can preserve the life span and also decrease the electricity consumption.
  3. Clean up the condenser coils:  more on the list of how to make you fridge work efficiently remember – we have all wondered what those spiky condenser coils were for and mostly, during our childhood days we were afraid of touching them since it looked scary and dusty. This dust that is accumulated on the condenser coils prevents the refrigerator from working efficiently. If these coils are very hot to even touch that means that your refrigerator needs a diagnosis because it’s working twice as harder and can cause a decrease in the lifespan of your refrigerator.

Always remember to clean off the dust from the coils and help the heat escape faster from your refrigerator. It is crucial to make your fridge work efficiently. If it keeps getting warmer and warmer, contact to a home appliances repair team.

make your fridge work efficiently

  1. Always keep the doors closed: it doesn’t matter what kind or what brand your refrigerator is because once you forgot the door open, all the warm air will enter inside and cause the refrigerator to function harder and consume high levels of energy. not very considerate of you especially when you intend to make your fridge work efficiently.
  2. Leave the food to cool down before strong it in your refrigerator:  the warm leftovers that you want to store for late use have high levels of heat radiation inside them. When these heat radiations are omitted from the food inside the refrigerator, it can cause the refrigerator to work harder to regulate back to its original cold temperature.