Myths About Microwave Use (Part 3)

Microwave Use Myths! In our previous 2 blog posts we talked about 13 microwave use myths and in this post, we are going to talk about another 7 microwave use myths.


Microwave Use Myths #1. Microwave use can heat up oilsMicrowave use myths

Unfortunately oils heating in microwave are a total myth. The reason for that is that the molecules that are in the oils lack the polarity that may be found in water. Plus, frozen butter is harder to microwave, because the bulk of it are the oils and the water that is on the surface is in ice form that keep the molecules as crystals. Oscillation becomes more time-consuming.


Microwave Use Myths #2. Water can be easily heated in the microwave

  1. Microwave use mythsIf you want to drink some tea, you should not heat the water in the microwave. Heating a cup of water in the microwave is able to cause it explode. The thing is that tin microwaves the water becomes superheated that is past the boiling degree, so when you put something inside, the heat may release violently.




Microwave use myths #3. Microwave use heats everything evenlyMicrowave use myths


Another myth. As it was mentioned previously, the microwave use does not prepare very thick objects, like meat. And the food is half-done and half-raw. Sometimes that may be dangerous with meats, because it can still have some harmful bacteria.

Microwave use myths #4.  Food that was heated in microwave is not safe and is not desirableMicrowave use myths

People who use microwaves can breathe easily because this is a myth. Food that has been cooked in microwave oven is not unsafe. Sometimes it is even healthier. Discover more about cannabis business banking on site The thing is you will have to cook your meat elsewhere.

Microwave use myths # 5. Eating microwaved food causes loss of memory and a decrease of intelligence
microwave use

That is a total myth. Eating food that had been microwaved doe not do all of those things. It is just all the other ways of heating and cooking, just a little bit quicker. Eat your home-made popcorn without any concerns.



Microwave use myths #6. Plants are able to die by watering them with microwaved water microwave use

There was an experiment when a schoolgirl was watering her plant with water from microwave and it died. That exact experiment was done in a True Medical lab and it turned out that it was a myth. It turned out that two out of three plants that were watered by microwaved water lived longer.

Microwave use myths #7. Microwaved food makes us fatmicrowave use

It is just another myth. The food that was cooked with a microwave does not make us fat. Of course, it depends on the food itself. Don’t blame it on the microwave!




There are a lot of myths that surround microwave use. Don’t listen to them and enjoy your meal. Happy cooking!

Myths About Microwave Use (Part 2)

Myths About Microwave Use! In our previous blog post we talked about 5 Myths Surrounding Microwave Use and in this post, we are going to talk about another 5 microwave use myths.

Myths About Microwave Use #6 You can put everything in microwaves

myths about microwave use

Myth # 6 You can put everything in microwaves. Unfortunately, it is a myth.

Truth # 7 Not everything can be placed in a microwave oven. For example, plastic when put in there can become very toxic. Even though there are plastic bags that have labels that say that they are microwave safe, don’t believe them. Just never put any kinds of plastic in your microwave oven.

Myths About Microwave Use #7 Metals can get dangerous hot in microwaves

myths about microwave use

Myth#7 Metals can get dangerous hot in microwaves It is totally untrue.

Truth # 7 The thing is metals reflect the microwaves unlike glass or ceramics that let the waves get through them. That means that metals do not heat up a lot in microwave oven. However you should be very careful with thin metal like foil or the tines of forks because they may be like an antenna and the waves that are arcing off them may create some sparks.

Myths About Microwave Use #8 Microwaves were created because somebody wanted to create it

myths about microwave useMyth #8 Microwaves were created because somebody wanted to create it That is a very interesting myth.

Truth # 8 The thing is that microwave oven was created by accident. An engineer Percy Spencer was trying to create radar equipment and the chocolate that he had in his pocket started to melt. At that moment he realized that microwaves can be used on food to heat it rapidly. Thanks to that chocolate bar!

Myths About Microwave Use #8 Microwave use can head up oils
myths about microwave use

Myth#8 Microwave use can head up oils Unfortunately oils heating in microwave are a total myth.

Truth #8 The reason for that is that the molecules that are in the oils lack the polarity that may be found in water. Plus, frozen butter is harder to microwave, because the bulk of it are the oils and the water that is on the surface is in ice form that keep the molecules as crystals. Oscillation becomes more time-consuming.

Myths About Microwave Use (Part 1)

There are a lot of people who strongly believe that microwaves are dangerous for your health and they may ruin your food, however not all of them were proven and there is a huge amount of myths about the microwave use.

Myths About Microwave Use #1 Microwave use is very dangerous for the nutrients

Microwave Use

Myth #1 Microwave use is very dangerous for the nutrients. That is a myth.

Truth #1 In fact, any type of cooking changes the chemistry of the food you are making. Yes, microwave use can reduce the level of nutrients in your food; however it also can increase the level for others. Using a microwave does not change foods in some ways that are more dangerous than other types of cooking.

Moreover, it has been proven that sometimes microwave use actually preserves more nutrients.

Myths About Microwave Use #2 Microwave use can be very dangerous for your health

Microwave UseMyth # 2 That one is another myth of microwave use. It is strongly believed that microwaves are very bad for the health because of the radiation and that may lead to cancer. That is not true whatsoever.

Truth # 2 In fact the radiation is below the range of radiation that can be seen as dangerous. Microwave use makes the molecules of the food move and that movement creates the heat. So you won’t have any cancer if you just stand next to your microwave.


Myths About Microwave Use #3 Microwave use cooks all the way throughMicrowave Use

Myth # 3 Unfortunately, that belief is a total myth. They say that microwaves are preparing food from the inside out. It is not correct. The thing is it is just the opposite.

Truth #3 Microwave use helps your food get ready from the outer part to the center. And that is the reason why you should not cook meat in microwave, unless you like raw meat, of course. Your meat will be done only at the edges.

Myths About Microwave Use #4 Microwave use can make your pasta healthier
Microwave Use

Myth #4 This myth is a fun one. It is believed that reheating your paste in microwaves makes it healthier for you. The reason for that is that pasta that has been cooled and then reheated is like a resistant starch that is able to prevent the gut from breaking down carbohydrates s and absorbing them as sugar.

Truth # 4 Unfortunately that is not true. If you want your pasta to be healthier choose it whole-grain.

Myths About Microwave Use # 5 Microwave use takes up a lot of energy and electricity

Myth # 5 Some people think that microwaves take up a lot of energy, but that is a myth as well.

Truth # 5 Compare reheating your food and putting it on a gas stove. Microwave use will take less energy. In fact you will be able to save up to 80% of energy if you use your microwave in a correct way.

Microwave Cooking – Pros and Cons

Microwaves are getting more and more used. Actually they are real helpers for housewives. Moreover, some people believe that it is really difficult to do without a microwave. However, next to various advantages, this kitchen appliance has some disadvantages as well. Hence, before putting your delicious food into a microwave consider the pros and cons of microwave cooking.  Some of the positive and negative features are listed below.


Positive Features of Microwave Cooking

Pros of Microwave Cooking #1 Quick and Convenient

The foremost advantage of microwaves is the quickness. Moreover, it is user friendly. All you have to do is to put your food in a microwave and wait 1 or 2 minutes. So, you can heat your breakfast or dinner quickly and easily.

Pros of Microwave Cooking #2 Eco friendly

As mentioned above, microwaves need only several minutes to re-heat or cook the food. So, they consume less energy than the conventional ovens. Thus, cooking with a microwave can save not only your time, but also your money. pros of microwave cooking

Pros of Microwave Cooking #3 Cook Without Oil

This will interest mainly those who are anxious about their health. Microwave gives an opportunity to cook without oil. So, if you are on a diet, you can easily cook the meat without fat or oil.

Pros of Microwave Cooking #4 Provides Healthier Food

Due to its quickness microwave provides much healthier food than the conventional ovens. As it takes only several minutes to cook the vitamins remain. Consequently, cooking with a microwave can maintain the vitamins which are essential for our organisms.

Negative Features of Microwave Cooking

Cons of Microwave Cooking #1 Limits in Quantity

Microwaves are really very convenient for a single person. But if you have a big family, then microwave is not what you need. If you want to cook a big amount of food or several types of dishes with a microwave, it will take lots of time and electricity. So, if you’re fond of parties or live in a big family, microwaves are not recommended.

Cons of Microwave Cooking #2 Restrictions in Choosing a Plate

Another disadvantage of microwave cooking is that you cannot use all types of plates. For example, it isn’t recommended to use glass as it may get heated and then you cannot take it. It is preferable to use only microwave safe plates while heating or cooking in a microwave.

Cons of Microwave Cooking #3 Browning Effect is Lostmicrowave cooking

If you’re fond of cooking and cannot resist imperfections than cooking in a microwave is not exactly what you need. Unlike conventional ovens, microwaves do not maintain the browning effect. However, it doesn’t mean that the taste will be lost.








Keep up with the Latest Microwave Technology Innovations

Microwave technology is booming and flourishing day by day introducing its targeted consumers a great variety of innovative types of microwave ovens. This article is going to touch upon the latest microwave technology innovations that offer quality, efficiency and better speed of cooking.

microwave technology

Initially not being invented for food purposes microwave ovens are one of the major kitchen appliances that cook food using microwave energy. On this basis, new types of microwaves are being invented at the same time keeping the main principle of the early microwave ovens. As technology progress. these appliances are programmed to perform in default modes, and they are easier to stop working once it’s program is disrupted. The best thing to do is to get in touch with experts in appliance repair.

The last few decades have brought about a number of advancements in microwave technology which are introduced as follows:

Inverter Microwave Technology

This technology works best for those who run out of time, space but at the same time want to have a delicious and well-cooked meal. Unlike older microwaves that lack an inverter, this new technology provides the following functions:

  • controlling the amount of energy that the microwave uses
  • allowing microwaves to be lighter and smaller
  • cooking faster due to more power and efficiency

 Convection Microwave Technology

microwave technology

This latest technology is a mix of a standard microwave oven and a convection oven. Whatever you want to cook, this technology serves best as it can:

  • bake
  • roast
  • broil
  • toast
  • reheat 
  • warm

However, the shortcoming of this amazing technology is that it requires more space compared to standard ones because of the larger cooking area inside.

Bluetooth Microwave Technology

microwave technology

Being one of the latest innovations this is in huge demand. With the help of this technology, it is possible to synchronize with your microwave ovens making the process of cooking easier and faster.

 Touch-screen Microwave Technology

microwave technology

In the list of the latest technologies, we cannot but mention touch-screen technology. The latest models also have Menu Action Screen. Hence, all you need is to tell the oven what you want, and it will automatically do everything instead of you.

In a nutshell, it is a must to keep up with the latest microwave technology innovations and be aware of what is new in this field.

10 Most Interesting Facts about Microwaves

The appliances that we use in our ever day basis were once one of the key invention in humanity about half a century ago. Some were not intended to be invented but, others were a product of hard work and determination such as microwaves which were paid off once they were introduced to the market. Although there are bunch of interesting facts about microwaves you will find intriguing once you go through.

interesting facts about microwaves

Interesting facts about microwaves

1. Microwave was not invented for food purpose in the first place

2. Percy Spencer, the inventor of the microwave oven, was orphaned and abandoned by his mother when he was just 18 months old. He lacked basic education in electric engineering and has not even graduated from grammar school.

interesting facts about microwaves
3. Percy Spencer realized the benefit of microwaves when he was standing in front of a radar plate and noticed that the candy in his pocket melted.

4. The first commercial microwave oven was 6 feet tall and weighed about 800 pounds.

5. Raytheon RadaRange was the first commercially produced microwave oven, and it cost nearly $5000 in 1945. 20 years later its price dropped drastically and cost $495.

6. Microwaves are not dangerous for health since the waves turn into heat once food absorbs them.

7. It is heard that microwaves cook from inside out, although it is the opposite because microwaves cook from outside in just like any other regular ovens.

8. Devices like cell phones, wireless routers, GPS satellites, and Bluetooth operate in 2.5GHZ just like microwave ovens. Now you can see Risk Free Serv of San Diego that you are constantly being exposed to the same waves. Don’t worry! They would not cook you from the inside since they run on lower levels.

9. Running your microwave oven empty is not a good idea because there isn’t any source (food) inside to absorb the waves. Medical professionals at true medical are at your disposal when you need an advice about the use of emergency contraceptive synthetic hormone. So what happens the emitted waves get trapped inside and might burn the magnetron.

10. Microwave Oven Repair is one of 3 most demanded repair service in America.

Thanks to Percy Spencer and other inventors like him, they make our lives even simpler and easier. There are a lot interesting facts about microwaves which will go over 10 facts but these are the ones that will make your jaw drop !



Appliance Repair – Microwave Troubleshooting

Are you half way through your favorite movie yet the frozen dinner you placed in microwave does not heat up well? Appliance repair might be the answer to your question. Let’s, however, do a quick microwave troubleshooting since there are problems you can solve on your own and there are some you cannot avoid reaching out appliance repair technician. There are also some issues that indicate you need a new purchase.

appliance repair

Note: Before you do anything remember microwave has very high voltage parts that are to be taken seriously. Do NOT touch anything before you know precisely what you are doing. Unless you are qualified professional do not get into unscrewing parts and revealing its inner workings. Appliance repair techs will deal with your issue considerably faster and flawless anyways.

Appliance Repair Microwave Troubleshooting Tip #1

Firstly, to know precisely that your microwave has a problem fill in the glass with water half way through and put in the microwave with high temperature rate for one minute. Take out the glass carefully in case it is too hot to hold. Now check to see if the water is warm enough, if not – we have a problem.  To be 100% sure you can try again the same process with higher temperature.

Appliance Repair Microwave Troubleshooting Tip #2

If your microwave is not heating properly appliance repair is a necessity but there can be a possibility of fixing it through new cooking modes and settings. Let’s not cross out the fact that it might have been set on a different mode previously. Just change the settings and you might be good to go. Correct the errors and repeat the process to ensure it’s back to normal.appliance repair

Appliance Repair Microwave Troubleshooting Tip #3

Microwaves usually are installed above the range and the heating from the cooking you do just underneath it might damage the appliance. The circuitry of the microwave might be broke causing the microwave not to heat up. Avoid stove top cooking for a while for your microwave to get better 619 roofing. This may be one problem and another one can be the bad door switch or the broken door switch. Again, you can get a tech to provide you with quality appliance repair. The malfunctioning part can be replaced or repaired by appliance repair tech before you know it.

You might be very disappointed with your appliance quitting on you but remember, half of the problems occur because of how the user treats the appliance. For the future use, never slam the microwave door even if you are in a hurry.