‘’Boring ’’ Facts About Dishwashers That You Haven’t Heard of

The best feeling in the world is eating food. No one denies that, but you know what people refuse? Washing the dishes! Dishwashers made our lives way easier when they do all the dirty work for us. Most facts about dishwashers may sound odd for you but relax, sit back and go through each point!

facts about dishwashers


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Dishwashers were invented by a rich lady named Josephine Cochrane in 1887. The main reason she created a dishwasher is because her servants were always avoiding the responsibility to wash the dishes. After all, realizing how successful her creation was, she started her own dishwasher company which then became KitchenAid.facts about dishwashers

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Dishwashers are more efficient in saving water compared to hand wash.  It’s estimated that hand wash consumes about 27 gallons of water per cycle, whereas dishwashers use only 4 gallons of water. With the evolving technology, hi-tech dishwashers are perfect for saving water.

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 It is proven that pre-washing your dishes with water before placing them in your dishwasher makes the dishwasher work less efficiently since the detergent doesn’t have anything to grab on. On a side note, prewashing consumes about 20 gallons of water.

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Almost 42% of all dishwasher users reload after their first cycle since they don’t feel satisfied. So to get the best out of your dishwasher, always fill the spaces up and hit that start button!

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To save up your energy bill, it is believed that it’s better to run your dishwasher during the night since it’s not a peak hour and on top of that, it adds humidity back to your kitchen.

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Always make sure you run the sink’s garbage disposal before running your dishwasher. This will clean up and wash away all the garbage caught inside the disposal that reaches the dishwasher and block the drain line severely which can cause a big catastrophe to your dishwasher. Contact to your nearest appliance repair service if such problem ever occurs.

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You can cook salmon in your dishwasher! What? Yes! a salmon! All you have to do is put some oil on the salmon and wrap it up tightly in a foil in order to prevent any water and detergent from entering. Once you completed the first and most important step, place the wrapped salmon on the top rack and run the dishwasher with other dishes. When it’s finished, you will end up with cooked salmon and clean dishes!facts about dishwashers

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