Bathroom Makeover

June 9, 2016/26 Comments/in Appliance repair Orange County, CA /by Max Global Appliance

Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom makeover is what the smallest room in your home needs to serve its best purposes. It might be the tiny corner in your home or apartment but the bathroom makeover you are facing might cost you a fortune.We, however, are about to revolutionize your predictions – you can do this on your own with as low expenses as there can be.

Bathroom Makeover Step #1

Look around! Your bathroom might have passed the test of time quite well and if you had done a good job keeping the walls clean all you’ll need now is to repaint if you feel the necessity. If not you are good to get to the second step with your bathroom makeover.
Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom Makeover Step #2

This is the hardest one – we have to confess. You are to take out all the 70’s shower curtains and the bits and bobs cause that’s what actually make you efforts go to waste. Hard to say goodbye – we know the feeling, but if you want a real bathroom makeover, you need to let go.

Bathroom Makeover Step #3

Now it’s time to make a couple of purchases! To do a bathroom makeover you don’t have to go to a home hardware store and get the pieces you need for your home when you can get the same with much less money in a retail shops or yard sales. Go look around and get what you need now. Once the paint dries you will need the new pieces fitted in the newly opened space.

Bathroom Makeover Step #4 what to look for?

Once out and about look for pieces that will suit your intended interior when painted, cleaned remodeled and the like. You won’t believe how an old picture frame can be the center of your attention once circumscribing the mirror that will reflect your morning appearance every day.
Picture frame and/or a mirror
New sink (if you discarded the old one)
Shower glass doors
Towel hangers
The list can go on depending what you have and what you don’t. The trick is to take notes when throwing away old stuff so you will have in mind what to look for when you are out.

Bathroom Makeover Step #5

Your bathroom makeover is almost out of your way with the best outcomes. The paint is dry if you painted the wall now fit in the renovated furniture pieces, your sink that containers for laundry, towel hangers, and shelves just the way you love the and the bathroom makeover is officially over.
Note: Be careful with colors to match the floor the walls and the accessories. Your key here is to make it happen! If you can imagine it you can do it!