Appliance Fixes to Save Your Day

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Appliance Fixes to Save Your Day

Appliance fixes are part of our daily worries if we spend most of our free time in the kitchen!
Valentine’s Day desert season and Easter cooking age are over but, let’s face it, summer is around the corner and few tips to make sure all your kitchen appliances are on the right track wouldn’t hurt. DIY’s and appliance fixes are crucial for all of us. Once you set off to prepare weekend picnic snacks or fancy dinner for the family the last thing you might want to face is a malfunctioning appliance in your kitchen. The list below is for you then if you need appliance fixes!

Appliance Fixes: Oven

We got you – you are a baking enthusiast! Here is a tip to make sure you oven won’t give up on you when you need it most. If you feel like you need appliance fixes, we suggest you test it. The temperature is your priority here. If you don’t already have an oven thermometer, go get one.
Appliance Fixes
Preheat your oven for a bit over thirty minutes and record the lowest and the highest temperatures for three cycles.
Your oven is working just fine if the lowest is 325 degrees and the highest is 375 degrees when you set the dial on 350 degrees.
The logic is that the calibration should be no more than 25 degrees, otherwise, you might want to give us a call to find out what is it that’s out of order with your appliance. The appliance fixes are part of our daily routine.

Appliance Fixes: Freezer

No matter what’s the weather we all throw a few ice cubes in a glass of water. If yours have an unpleasant scent or look a bit NOT right don’t question your senses, chances are your freezer needs a quick look. Let’s see if your appliance needs a fix.
It might be the water filtration system which, keep in mind, needs a replacement every half a year. Check your Fridge model and number to get the right fit for your appliance.
An easy answer is also that the ice cubes in your freezer are too old and caught the scent from the food you put next to the cube container. Here, it goes without saying that you should use your ice cubes more often. Again, the water filtration might be your problem but this time in a wider scale. If your city water supply is not the best you will need to change the filter of the water filtration more frequently.

Appliance Fixes: Microwave

  o  If the entire pad doesn’t function when you try to set the timer before throwing in the towel try cleaning it. Georgia maids at are at your disposal when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. Chances are it won’t need a replacement. Even if you do reach out to us; we will be there at the right place with perfect timing.

  o  The microwave door is yet another important part of the appliance since it prevents radiation from pervasion. If you close the door and it does not send the signal for the timer to start it is a sign you need to look for an appliance repair tech.

  o  Did I just say – look for? Cross it off! With Max Global Appliance Repair by your side, you won’t need to waste time on a search. If this wasn’t of any help to you and/or you need further assistance do not hesitate, just let us know!
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