4 Interesting Facts About Refrigerator History

July 1, 2016/in Refrigerator repair Huntington Beach, CA /by Max Global Appliance

4 Interesting Facts About Refrigerator History

Refrigerators are one of the most important factors in our lives since they store everything we live off. We use them on a daily basis, but you don’t know what the story behind that big door is. Most people are not aware of refrigerator history since refrigerators are viewed as a blunt object and there isn’t much to know about. In fact, there is a lot of stories revolving around refrigerators, and most of them will amaze you!
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Interesting fact about refrigerator history 1:

Refrigerator consumes about 12% of your home energy bill. It is always in the cooling process 24/7 so just imagine how much watts of power is consumed. Other factors can also effect on the work rate of your refrigerator especially when sources of heat are around such as the emitted heat from the oven and dishwasher. Not everyone knows that opening and closing your refrigerator can cause heat to enter inside, thus directly influencing on the work rate of the refrigerator which consumes lot of energy. To take it to another level, some people dissect their refrigerators into little bits of pieces and start going through, to see if it needs a repair.

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November 15, is national clean out your refrigerator day. Not every one of us cleans refrigerator even at least once in two years. To be honest, it doesn’t require that much of an effort to do so hire a domestic worker. You just need to take out the shelves, and the tracks outside plus all you need is a cloth and a cleaning product.

Interesting fact about refrigerator history 3:

You could go down in Guinness book if you have a lot of fridge magnets. One woman from Nevada named Louise Greenfarb, went down in Guinness book for having 32,000 collections of impressive magnets. It’s all about creativity, property manager and a matter of time!

Interesting fact about refrigerator history 4:

Energy Star refrigerators are the best and economical. In order to receive an Energy Star rating, refrigerators should consume 15% less energy than required by current federal and international standards.