10 Most Interesting Facts about Microwaves

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10 Most Interesting Facts about Microwaves

The appliances that we use in our ever day basis were once one of the key invention in humanity about half a century ago. Some were not intended to be invented but, others were a product of hard work and determination such as microwaves which were paid off once they were introduced to the market. Although there are bunch of interesting facts about microwaves you will find intriguing once you go through.

Interesting facts about microwaves

1. Microwave was not invented for food purpose in the first place
2. Percy Spencer, the inventor of the microwave oven, was orphaned and abandoned by his mother when he was just 18 months old. He lacked basic education in electric engineering and has not even graduated from grammar school.
3. Percy Spencer realized the benefit of microwaves when he was standing in front of a radar plate and noticed that the candy in his pocket melted.
4. The first commercial microwave oven was 6 feet tall and weighed about 800 pounds.
5. Raytheon RadaRange was the first commercially produced microwave oven, and it cost nearly $5000 in 1945. 20 years later its price dropped drastically and cost $495.
6. Microwaves are not dangerous for health since the waves turn into heat once food absorbs them.
7. It is heard that microwaves cook from inside out, although it is the opposite because microwaves cook from outside in just like any other regular ovens.
8. Devices like cell phones, wireless routers, GPS satellites, and Bluetooth operate in 2.5GHZ just like microwave ovens. Now you can see Risk Free Serv of San Diego that you are constantly being exposed to the same waves. Don’t worry! They would not cook you from the inside since they run on lower levels.
9. Running your microwave oven empty is not a good idea because there isn’t any source (food) inside to absorb the waves. Medical professionals at true medical are at your disposal when you need an advice about the use of emergency contraceptive synthetic hormone. So what happens the emitted waves get trapped inside and might burn the magnetron.
10. Microwave Oven Repair is one of 3 most demanded repair service in America.

Thanks to Percy Spencer and other inventors like him, they make our lives even simpler and easier. There are a lot interesting facts about microwaves which will go over 10 facts but these are the ones that will make your jaw drop !